The Bob Marley´s life

  • Bob Marley was born

    Bob Marley was born
    He was born on 6 February 1945.
  • The Wailers

    The Wailers
    He met Bunny Livingstone and Peter McIntosh. And then they started playing music together as the wailers
  • The Wailing Wailers

    The Wailing Wailers
    The Wailing Wailers, as Marley´s band was now called. Had a Jamaican hit with the song Simmer Down.
  • He married

    He married
    Bob Marley married Rita Anderson, one of his backing singers.
  • Rastafari Religion

    Rastafari Religion
    He returned to Jamaica commited to political change. He had also grown his hair into dreadlocks, a sign of his spiritual conversion to the Rastafarian religion
  • the wailers in London

    the wailers went to London
  • candidate Michael Manley

    the jamaica elections,whith the people ¨s national party candidate Michael Manley
  • Michael returned Jamaica

    returned to Jamaica to give a free concert
  • Dead

    Bob Marley died by cancer in Jamaica . We missed you