Bob marley guitar l

Don't worry about a thing

  • reggae world superstar

    reggae world  superstar
    he was born in Nine mile locality of jamaica
  • In the late fifties

    In the late fifties
    Bob moved with his mother to Kingston, the capital of jamaica
  • the wallers

    the wallers
    formed a band called the Wallers with peter tosh and bunny Waller
  • Simmer Down

    Simmer Down
    The Walling Waliers with their first single came in first place in the Jamaican charts...Simmer Down
  • He married Rita Anderson

    He married Rita Anderson
  • tour

    the wallers 1973 tour of the united states
  • Marley returned to Jamaica

    Marley returned to Jamaica
  • Bob Marley

    Bob Marley
    Marley was suffering from cancer and he died in jamaica at age of 36 years....