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Alice Paul: Education

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    Alice Paul

  • Graduates top of her class from a traditional Quaker highschool in Morristown, NJ

    Paul's highschool education was important because it set the foundation for her efforts in womens' suffrage. It was a commonality for Quaker schools to be gender neutral; Paul was raised and educated in an environment that treated both sexes equally.
  • Graduates from Swarthmore College with a BA in Biology.

    Paul continued her Quaker-guided education by attending Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. Swarthmore was co-founded by Paul's grandfather, who held that both men and women should recieve a balanced education.
  • Earns MA in Sociology at Pennsylvania University.

  • Paul studies social work in England

    After recieving her Masters degree in PA, Paul traveled to England under scholarship to study social work at the Woodbrooke Settlement for Social Work.
  • Studied in England

    While in England, Paul also studied at both the University of Birmingham and the London School of Economics. It was during this time that Paul was introduced to Emmeline Pankhurst, a huge influence in her activism within the United States.
  • Paul recieves PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania

  • Paul earns LL.B from the Washington College of Law

    Inspired by the radical ways of the Pankhursts, Paul sought to take matters of womens' suffrage into her own hands; by versing herself in civil law, Paul could better support her cause and acheive the changes she desired.
  • Earns LL.M from American University

  • Earns her LL.D from American University