The History of OMF

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  • James Hudson Taylor is born

    Taylor was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England, the son of a chemist and Methodist lay preacher James Taylor and his wife, Amelia (Hudson).
  • Hudson Taylor embarks on his first missionary voyage

    Hudson Taylor embarks on his first missionary voyage
    Hudson Taylor left England on 19 September 1853 before completing his medical studies, arriving in Shanghai, China, on 1 March 1854.
  • CIM

    Taylor founds the China Inland Mission (CIM).
  • Taylor, his wife, 4 children and 16 missionaries set sail

    Taylor, his wife, 4 children and 16 missionaries set sail
    On 26 May 1866, after over five years of working in England, Taylor and family and 16 missionaries; set sail for China with their new missions team. During the journey 20 crew members become Christians. They arrived safely in Shanghai on 30 September 1866.
  • C.T Studd

    As a result of his brother's illness and the effect it had upon him, Charles Studd decided to pursue his faith through missionary work in China and was one of the "Cambridge Seven" who offered themselves to Hudson Taylor for missionary service at the China Inland Mission, leaving for China in February 1885.
  • Boxer Uprising

    Boxer Uprising
    Thousands of Chinese Christians and hundreds of missionaries are murdered, including 58 adults and 21 children from CIM.
  • Hudson Taylor dies

    Hudson Taylor dies
    Hudson Taylor dies in Changsha, China, aged 73 having made 11 trips to China.
  • Communists take over China

    After years of civil war, the last few pockets of resistance are defeated.
  • The evacuation of CIM workers begins

    As danger increases and some CIM missionaries and Chinese Christians are murdered, the remaining CIM missionaries are evacuated.
  • The ‘reluctant exodus’ of CIM workers is complete

    OMF missionaries are now working in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.
  • OMF and BEM

    OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) and BEM (Borneo Evangelical Mission) integrate their work.
  • New opportunities through professionals

    Rapid changes in East Asia’s economy enable Christians with professional skills to work in countries that are closed to traditional missionary work.
  • Patrick Fung

    Patrick Fung takes over as OMF's first Asian General Director
  • What is OMF doing now?

    We currently have just under 1300 members from 30 nations working throughout East Asia, and serving in Western nations where East Asians work or study.