Drew's life

By 38249
  • Drew's birth

    Drew's birth
    I was born Yay!!!!
  • Period: to

    Drew's life

  • Second B-day

    2 years of living!!
  • Brother born

    Annoying brother comes into world
  • Sister born

    Sister born
    Annoying sister comes into world
  • 3rd B-day

    3 years of living
  • 4 B-day

    4th Year of living
  • start Kindergartin

    start Kindergartin
    I now become evil scientist
  • 5th B-day

    5 Years of living
  • I move to Colorado

    I move to Colorado
    I become aMountain man
  • 6th B-day

    6th years of living!!
  • First day of middel school

    First day of middel school
    I was late to class and droped all of my stuff
  • I make this time line

    I soend class making timeline