David Attenborough

By davisev
  • born

    born 8 May 1926 in London, England
  • scholarship to clare college

    scholarship to clare college
    Attenborough was educated at Wyggeston Grammar School for Boys in Leicester and then won a scholarship to Clare College, Cambridge in 1945, where he studied geology and zoology and obtained a degree in Natural Sciences.
  • the navy

    the navy
    In 1947, he was called up for National Service in the Royal Navy and spent two years stationed in North Wales and the Firth of Forth.
  • first zoo quest series

    first zoo quest series
    In 1954 he launched the first of his famous Zoo Quest series which, over the next 10 years, took him to the wilder parts of the world. In between times, his programmes included political broadcasts, archaeological quizzes, short stories, gardening and religious programmes.
  • resighned from BBC

    resighned from BBC
    In the early 1960s, Attenborough resigned from the permanent staff of the BBC to study for a postgraduate degree in social anthropology at the London School of Economics,
  • he started the life series

    he started the life series
    in 1978 he completed the first sereis life on earth.
  • he married

    he married
    In 1950, Attenborough married Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel; the marriage lasted until her death in 1997. The couple had two children, Robert and Susan.
  • jane died

    Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel (1950–1997 (Deceased) she was his beloved wife and mother of two children.
  • god and realigon statement

    god and realigon statement
    In March 2009, Attenborough appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Attenborough stated that he felt evolution did not rule out the existence of a God and accepted the title of agnostic saying, "My view is: I don't know one way or the other but I don't think that evolution is against a belief in God."
  • Charles darwin and the tree life

    in early 2009, the BBC broadcast an Attenborough one-hour special, Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life.