Events in the Life of Megan Grady

By gradym
  • Born in Cleveland, Ohio

    in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Show Parental attachment at Daycare

    5 months old
  • Began Walking at 11 months old

  • Spoke first word "Baby" at 1 year

  • Learn to ride tricycle at age 3

  • Toy Conversations

    Make stuffed animals talk to each other
  • Realize gender differences

    Among toys- dolls vs soldiers
  • Play with kids in the neighborhood

  • Meet best friend Emma

  • Imporved memory in 2nd grade

  • Growth Spurt in 7th grade

  • Urge to read on own- Harry Potter

  • Amount of friends expand in High School

  • Greater care for health, body, appearance

  • Dating- attmept to find love

    Start dating Tom :)
  • College- improve test taking & stress management

  • Get married

  • Start a family- Have kids!

  • Need reading glasses

  • Continue Physical Therapy Education

  • Menopause begins

  • Retirement

  • Begin losing senses

  • Memory loss

  • Die at age 92

    In my sleep