E.O. Wilson's Studies and Publications

  • Brief Biography

    Brief Biography
    E.O. Wilson was born in Alabama on the above date. He is a biologist, naturalist, theorist, and author. His specialty is the study of ants. The point of this timetoast is to take you through his main works from his birth through 1990. Note that this is juist a sample of his books, essays, and recognitions. His best known work is called AnthillE.O. Wilson's website
  • The Theory of Island Biogeography

    The Theory of Island Biogeography
    Information on the book
    This book is a detailed account to answer the question: Why do many more species of birds occur on the island of New Guinea than on the island of Bali?
  • The Insect Societies

    The Insect Societies
    This book is a work of major importance for the development of environmental and behavioral biology; it covers the classification, evolution, anatomy, physiology, and behavior of the higher social insects.
  • Sociobiology: The New Synthesis

    Sociobiology: The New Synthesis
    In his study entitled Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, (an enormous volume comprised of 697 extra-sized pages), Wilson sought to extend the understanding he had gained of the principles of the intricate behaviors of social instincts to vertebrate animals.
  • On Human Nature

    On Human Nature
    The book tries to explain how different characteristics of humans and society can be explained from the point of evolution. He explains how evolution has left its traces on the characteristics which are the specialty of human species like generosity, self-sacrifice, worship and the use of sex for pleasure. The book is considered an effort to complete the Darwinian revolution by bringing biological thought into social sciences and humanities.
  • Genes, Mind and Culture: The coevolutionary process

    Genes, Mind and Culture: The coevolutionary process
    The idea is that genetic constraints shape culture, which in turn becomes the cultural environment in which an individual's Darwinian fitness is determined, forming a positive feedback between cultural and evolutionary change.
  • Promethean fire: reflections on the origin of mind

    Promethean fire: reflections on the origin of mind
    Charles J. Lumsden and Edward O. Wilson take us down the twisting corridors through which our species traveled in the two-million-year odyssey from Homo Habilis to modern man. They ask why, out of the millions of species that have emerged and gone extinct, human beings alone took the last, abrupt journey to high intelligence and advanced culture.
  • Biophilia

    His own response to nature and an eloquent statement of the conservation ethic. Wilson argues that our natural affinity for life–biophilia–is the very essence of our humanity and binds us to all other living things.