Adolf hitler

Adolf Hitlers Time Line

  • Hittler was born

    Hittler  was born
    in a small town of Braunau by the border of germany hittler was born and also he was the only child of four to life past age two.
  • Hittlers Mother Dies

    Hittlers Mother Dies
    around age 18 hittlers mother died, he drew her face when he came to sign the death certifacant
  • hittler and friend get out of basic tranning for the nazi's

    hittler and friend get out of basic tranning for the nazi's
    Adolf and his friend after basic training in october 20, 1914 and by then the french and england had joined Russia in the war against germany.
  • hittler incharge...

    hittler incharge...
    By 1921 hittler was incharge of the intire nazi army.
  • Power in Army

    Power in Army
    by fall of 1923 hittler relized how much power is in the Nazi army.
  • sucicide

    Adolf Hittlers Niece (Geli) commented Sucicide by shooting her self in the heart with a Pistol because hittler was away and she wasn't aloud out side of the house.(hittler is thinking curse this world why why)
  • president Hittler

    president Hittler
    hittler runs for Germanys President
  • dictator

    Hittler Becomes dictator of Germany
  • A way to get rid of jews

    A way to get rid of jews
    Hittler found out that back in the middle ages jews where accused of poinsoning the wells and bring a deadly diease. So hittler took advantage of that and siad that jews theartened to pollute the pure blood of the aryan majority
  • Jew destroying

    Jew destroying
    Hittler sent hismen to ran sack all of the jew stores and anything to do with jews.
  • control of land

    control of land
    hittler army had all of the alantic coast form norway to the north of spain