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Sir Henry Parkes

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  • Sir Henry Parkes was born

    Sir Henry Parkes was born
    Sir Henry Parkes was born in Warwickshire. He was the youngest of six siblings and his parents were Thomas and Martha Parkes.
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    The life of Sir Henry Parkes

    Sir Henry Parkes Life
  • Refugees

    Henry Parkes' family was forced of their family farm by dept, they moved to Glamorganshire.
  • Work

    Began work as an apprentice to a bone and ivory turner
  • Mariage

    On the 11 of July 1936 Sir Henry Parkes married Clarinda Varney, who was the daughter of a local butcher.
  • Emigration

    Sir Henry Parkes and Clarinda Varney immigrated to Sydney aboard the Strathfieldsaye. He found work as a journalist thanks to his language skills.
  • Death of his mother

    Parkes' mother died in 1842.
  • Polical Career

    Polical Career
    Sir Henry Parkes began to speak out in public on important issues of community concern and was noticed by Robert Lowe who was a candidate for a Constitution of Sydney and later became his secretary.
  • 1st Premiership

    1st Premiership
    Parkes was encouraged to run for parliament and succeeded in becoming premier of NSW. His Premiership lasted from 1872-1875.
  • Knighted

    Sir Henry Parkes resigned from Parliament and traveled to England in 1877. He was knighted by Queen Victoria.
  • 2nd Premiership

    2nd Premiership
    Parkes second Premiership lasted only one year as the opposition leader, John Robetson, had a very strong party.
  • 3rd Premiership

    3rd Premiership
    Sir Henry Parkes' third premiership lasted from 1878-1883.
  • 4th Premiership

    4th Premiership
    Sir Henry Parkes' fourth premiership ranged from 1887-1889.
  • 5th premiership and tenterfield adress

    5th premiership and tenterfield adress
    Sir Henry Parkes last premiership ranged from 1889-1891. During this period he gave his famous speech at the Tenterfield school of arts. The Tenterfield adress was known as one of the first steps towards Federation.
  • Death

    Sir Henry Parkes died on the 27 April 1896 just four years berore his dream of Federation came true.