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Ludwig Van Beethoven

By merhan4
  • Goo-Goo Ga-Ga

    Goo-Goo Ga-Ga
    Beethoven was born in Bonn, in a family of musicans.
  • The Star is... uh...Baptised?

    The Star is... uh...Baptised?
    Beethoven was baptised on Decmber 17, 1770. He was born in Bonn,even though his family was orginally from Brabent.
  • Right Preformance,Wrong Age

    Right Preformance,Wrong Age
    At age 7(and a half), on March 26,1778 Beethoven gave his first public preformance in Colonge. His father annonced he was 6 so until he recived his baptim certificate,which he thought was his brothers, Ludwig Marie, he thought he was younger, but he wasn't.
  • The Letter...

    The Letter...
    A letter that called Beethove back to Bonn said his mother was dying. The only person in his family whom he had developed strong and loving relationship had died.
  • The Prince calls...,,,,

    The Prince calls...,,,,
    Prince Maximillain Fraz was also aware of Beethoven`s gift and so he sent Beethoven to vienna, in 1787, to meet Mozart and to Furrher his musical education.
  • Beethoven Meets Haydn...(Stark)

    Beethoven Meets Haydn...(Stark)
    In July 1792 the reowed compser Haydn passed through Bonn on his way to Vinna. He met Beethoven and was impressed and perhaps , unsettled with his work.
  • NO MORE HEARING!!!!!!!!!

    NO MORE HEARING!!!!!!!!!
    We couldn't find the date. So, we put in Jan.1. Around 1796 Beethoven began to loose his hearing.
  • Period: to

    The First Symphony

    "Beethoven's First" (in D Minor) was Beethoven's first symphony.
  • Period: to

    His Third

    Symphony # 3 was in flat E major. It represents Beethoven being one of the most known composer.
  • Period: to

    This is his fifth...

    Beethoven's fifth was the most popular (and it was a third).
  • EURAEKA or is it EROCIA?????

    EURAEKA or is it EROCIA?????
    Beethoven's first Erocia was played for the first time. Congradulations!!!!
  • Period: to

    Seventh is the Best...I think

    Bethoven was working on his 7th symphony while improving his health in Bohemian.
  • Eighth Symphony in F Minor

    Eighth Symphony in F Minor
    Beethoven's 8th symphony had 4 movements and was refered to as 'my little symphony in F Minor".
  • Super Composer + Super Composer =superer Composer (is that even a word?)

    Super Composer + Super Composer =superer Composer (is that  even a word?)
    Beethoven met Goethe, under the organisation of Bettina Brentan. These two great men admierd each other but didn`t undersand each other.
  • A Dead Brother is a Bad Brother

    A Dead Brother is a Bad Brother
    Beethoven's brother, Kaspar Karl, died. He left behind his wife whom was refered to "The Queen of the Night".
  • Diabelli Variations

    Diabelli Variations
    the Diabelli Variations was a set of variations for the piano written by Beethoven.
  • The Last Symphony...for now

    The Last Symphony...for now
    Beethoven's 9th symphony in D Minor was the final complete symphony by Beethoven.
  • The Grand Academy

    The Grand Academy
    Beethoven proformed symphony 9 to the headmaster of the Grand Academy.
  • Midnight OPERA not OPRHA

     Midnight  OPERA not OPRHA
    After his finishing his oprea, Beethoven had a public performance for it.
  • R.I.P

    Beethoven passed away in circled by his closest friends on March 26,1827, just as a storm brocke out.
  • ...And the Musican lives on!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...And the Musican lives on!!!!!!!!!!!
    Beethoven may be dead, but he is still famous. Many of Beethoven`s "Sonatas" can be found on "itunes", or any other music source. You can also go to one of his concerts!!!!!! (Just Kidding!!!!)