Edward Tulane's Timeline

  • Lived with Abilene

    Abilene took care of Edward but Edward loved himself.
  • Trip on Queen Mary

    Edward was haven a gootime on his trip.
  • Edward over bourd

    Edward over bourd
    Edward went over bourd all becas of two rotten boys.
  • Edward was on ocen floor

    Edward was on the ocen floor for 271 days!
  • Fisher man found him.

    Fisher man found him.
    A fisher man found Edward and brought him to his house.
  • He got chaned He got changed to a girl rabbit

    Nelie changed Edward to a girl.
  • Loley HATDE!Edward

    Loley took Edward to a dump thats how much she hated Edward.
  • Bull took Edward

    Bull   took Edward
    Edward was found a hobos dog.
  • Brey's took Edward to his sick sister

    Breys took Edward to his sick sister becaus she was very very sick.
  • Edward's head shaderd.

    Edwards head shaderd in to pieces.
  • Edward had a dream that he flew to the stares

    Edward had a dream that he floo to the stars and went to heavn.
  • Edward thought he was dead

    Edward tought he was dead for life.