Sidoti, Anna

  • Born

    Paul David Hewson (Bono) was born.
  • High School

    Bono went to high school at Mount Temple, where he met his former band mates.
  • Mother dies

    Bono's mother, Iris, died of a brain hemorrage at her father's funeral.
  • Formed U2

    Formed U2
    After years in high school, Bono forms a band with some school friends. After that, they get a manager named Paul McGuinness.
  • Gets married

    Gets married
    Bono marries a woman named Alison Stewart.
  • Performs at Live Aid

    Performs at Live Aid
    Bono and his band perform at the Live Aid concert.
  • Father dies

    Father dies
    Bono's father dies of cancer. Bono was at his side when his father died.
  • Performs at Live 8

    Performs at Live 8
    U2 performs at a Live 8 concert.
  • Awarded honorary

    Awarded honorary
    Bono earns an honorary at Harvard University.
  • Across The Universe

    Across The Universe
    Bono appears in the major motion picture Across The Universe.