Babe Ruth

By grade5d
  • Birth

    George Herman Ruth Jr was born on February6th, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland
  • A born hero

    Geofge Herman Ruth was born in Baltimore, Kate Ruth an George Herman Ruth Sr. Babe Ruth grew up mostly in the streets when he was young. When Babe Ruth was 7 he was sent to Saint Marrys Industrial school and stayed there for 12 years.
  • Saint Marrys

    At Saint Marrys Ruth learned kindness and love. Babe also was taught tailoring and became a qualified shirt maker plus he joined the school band and dramma club. But when Babe was a teen is mother died of sickness.
  • The Great Bambino

    Babe entered the Magour Leagus as a wonderful pithcer for the Red Sox but one day showed his power in hitting and then he became known for his hitting power. Ruth stayed with the Red Sox for 5 years but was traded to the Yankees in 1920. With the Yankees Babe was most famous for his power at the plate.
  • A Family Man

    Babe Ruth married twice in his life. His first marrige was to Helen Woodford. They adopted a girl and named her Dorthy Ruth. But with all of his fame and not much time for a family Helen moved with Dorthy away. In 1929 Hellen died in a house fire but Babe had already found another love and he married her in April. Now Babe had a family of his won that he loved.
  • A Hero Desending

    Babes playing skill kept getting lower and lower for he was ill. Babe was playing so bad that his maneger sent him a contract of one doller. Ruth was suffering from cancer and was cut from the Yankees. Babe left baseball but came back as a coach for the dodgers hoping for a manging job, he never got it.
  • Babe At His Weakes

    Babe finally quiet baseball but people sstill wanted to see him. Ruth was getting weaker everday but he still was active. Babe Ruth wore his number 3 for the last time on the 13th of June, 1938 on Babe Ruth day and he made a speach.
  • The Membrale Man

    Babe Ruth died on August 16th,1948. Many came to his funeral to say good bye to the man who many said created baseball. That day was a sad day but many people remember Babe Ruth as the man with one powerful swing.