The Life of John Brown

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In History
  • John Brown's Birth

    John Brown's Birth
    Brown was born in Torrington, Conneticut and was raised by a father who HATED slavery.
  • John Brown Witnesses Beating

    John Brown Witnesses Beating
    Brown (a 12-year-old boy) witnesses another young black boy being beaten and Brown's Memory haunted him forever.
  • Brown's Marries a Woman

    Brown's Marries a Woman
    Brown marries a woman named Dianthe Lusk.
  • Brown and His Family Move

    Brown and His Family Move
    Brown and Dianthe move to Pennsylvania, but Dianthe dies in 1832.
  • Brown Marries Mary Day

    Brown Marries Mary Day
    Brown marries another 16-year-old named Mary Day and they have 13 more children, including the 7 Brown already had.
  • Brown Makes a Vow

    Brown Makes a Vow
    Brown made a vow to end slavery after an anti-slavery newspaper writer was shot and killed.
  • Isaac Smith

    Isaac Smith
    Brown rents a farmhouse under the name Isaac Smith.
  • Douglass and Brown

    Douglass and Brown
    Brown met with Fredrick Douglass and tried to convince him to come with him at Harpers Ferry.
  • John Brown's Raid

    John Brown's Raid
    Brown and 21 other men attack Harpers Ferry, but are not succesful.
  • Brown's Case

    Brown's Case
    Brown was found guilty by a Virginia jury.
  • Brown's Death

    Brown's Death
    Brown was hanged and killed.