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  • Discovery of Antartica

    Discovery of Antartica
    Charles Wilkes discovers Antarctica. Multiple other things were discovered during these travels, and the expidition is thought to be one of the greatest information gathering trips.
  • First Detective Story

    First Detective Story
    "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allen Poe is considered the first detective story. Appeared in the "Graham's Lady's and Gentlemen's Magazine"
  • Notre Dame Founded

    Notre Dame Founded
    Rev. Edward Sorin took possesion of 524 acres of land, which he named "The University of Our Lady of the Lake". In 1879 it burned down, and Sorin had it rebuilt immediatly.
  • SS Great Britain

    SS Great Britain
    The SS Great Britain sets sail, it is the first iron hulled ship. It is also the first screw propelled ship to cross the ocean. THis helped expand Britain.
  • Peacmaker Explosion

    Peacmaker Explosion
    The gun on the USS Princeton, named the "Peacemaker," was fired three times on the 28th, on the third time it exploded, killing six people, and defeaning some others. Among the six people were two of the presidents cabinet, and teh presidents slave.
  • "The Raven"

    "The Raven"
    Edgar Allen Poes "The Raven" is published in the "New York Evening Mirror." This is one of his most famous poems, and it a large part of his fame in today's society.
  • A Baseball Game

    A Baseball Game
    Knickerbockers vs The New York Nine. New York Nine won. First baseball game ever.
  • Colt Pistol

    Colt Pistol
    U.S. Government made an order for 1,000 colt pistols during the Mexican war. Multi-shot pistol.
  • Niagra Falls

    Niagra Falls
    The flow of the Niagra river is stopped, by an ice jam. Restricting the amount of water recieved from lake Erie.
  • A tragic Death

    A tragic Death
    At the age of 40 Edgar Allan Poe dies... Earlier in his stay at Baltimore he was seen delirious. He had arrived on September 28th.