Madame C.J. Walker Timeline

By emilylh
  • Born

    Sarah Breedlove is born in Delta, Louisiana
  • Period: to

    Madame C.J Walker

  • Orphaned

    Sarah is orphaned.
  • Laundress

    Works as a laundress, washing clothes for other people.
  • Marries

    Marries Moses McWilliams
  • Daughter

    Daughter Lelia is born.
  • Moves

    Moves to St. Louis, Missouri;begins making hair care products.
  • Starts Business

    Moves to Denver, Colorado to start her business.
  • Marries

    Marries Charles Joseph Walker and calls herself Madame C.J. Walker.
  • Opens Lelia College

    Opens Lelia College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to train other women to use and sell her hair products.
  • Builds Factory

    Builds factory in Indianapolis, Indiana; begins to work for civil rights for African Americans.
  • Moves

    Moves to New York; continues giving much of her money to charity.
  • Dies

    Dies on May 25