Frankenstein Timeline

  • A child is born

    Victor Frankenstein is born
  • Elizabeth becomes a Frankenstein

    The Frankensteins travel to Italy and find a worn down house and at that house they find a little family. One of the children looked a little odd because she looked like she didn't belong there. Her parents had died and the little family was looking after her and the Frankensteins felt pity for her. Elizabeth Lavensa is adopted by Caroline Beaufor Frankenstain
  • A little brother

    Ernest frankenstein is born
  • New scene

    The Frainkenstein's move to Geneva
  • A good friendship

    Victor meets Henry Clerval in school and they become best friends.
  • The start of a fascination

    Victor witnesses a lightning storm for the first time
  • Another Frankenstein is born

    A baby brother. William Frankenstein is born
  • A deceased mother and wife.

    Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein dies of scarlet fever
  • Road to success

    Victor leaves Geneva for the university in Ingolstadt
  • A mysterious secret

    Victor discovers the secrets of the initiation of life, and decides to create a superior human being. He takes body parts from graveyards and then puts the parts together to make his creation.
  • IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

    Victor successfully brings life to his creation and is instantly repulsed by it and goes into a nervous fit. The creature sees that Victor is disgusted with the creature and runs away
  • A new study

    Victor gives up his conquest for science and studies the Far Eastern languages.
  • The creature kills

    After arriving in Geneva the creature kills Victor's brother William.
  • Unjustified sentencing

    Justine is arrested for William's murder and falsely confesses to the murder before being executed.
  • The killer is revealed

    Victor goes back to where William was murdered and sees the creature and believes the creature is responsible for his brother's death.
  • Unsuspected and unwanted meeting

    Victor goes into the mountains to get away for a little while to clear his head and ends up running into the creature.