Paul "Bear" Bryant

  • Birth date

    Birth date
  • "BEAR"

    Wrestled a Bear for one dollar. He didn't get the dollar but the nick name stuck with him forever.
  • SEC

    Bryant helps lead Alabama to the initial SEC championship
  • Marriage

    Paul Bryant secretly marries Mary Harmon Black in Ozark, Ala. He doesn't tell Coach Frank Thomas in fear he'll take away his scholarship.
  • Alabama

    Bryant begins coaching at his alma matter, The University of Alabama.
  • Championship

    For the final time Bryant wins the national title, his sixth, as the Crimson Tide rolls through the season with a perfect 12-0 record, including a 24-9 win over Arkansas and Lou Holtz in the Sugar Bowl
  • Retirement

    Paul Bryant officially announces his retirement from the University of Alabama. Including the bowl win over Illinois, Bryant finishes with a record of 242-46-9 for his 25 years at the Capstone
  • Sad day

    Coach Paul Bryant dies at Druid City Hospital where he had entered the night before after suffering chest pains while visiting his friend Jimmy Hinton. He was 69-years-old.
  • High school championship

    High school championship
    Paul Bryant helps lead his high school to the state championship.