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  • Period: Feb 25, 1280 to Feb 25, 1560

    Renaissance Era

  • Feb 25, 1300

    Beggining of Renaissance Era

    Beggining of Renaissance Era
    "Rebirth" a philosophical and artistic movement and the era when that movement flourished.
  • Feb 25, 1304

    Fransesco Petrarch

    Fransesco Petrarch
    Fransesco Petrarch is born
  • Feb 25, 1351

    Flourence prevails

    Flourence prevails
    Flourence was able to defend itself from Milanses invasion
  • Feb 25, 1469

    Nicolo Machiovelli

    Nicolo Machiovelli
    Nicolo Machiovelli is born
  • Feb 25, 1478

    Baldassar Castiglione

    Baldassar Castiglione
    Baldasar Castiglione is born
  • Feb 25, 1513

    "The Prince"

    Nicolo Machiavelli, a Flourentine diplomat wrote the essay "The Prince"
  • Feb 25, 1516


    Thomas more publishes "Utopia"
  • Feb 25, 1517

    Luther's Challenge

    Luther challenges Tetzel for his grave error of asking his people to give up money for false promises of forgivness.
  • Feb 25, 1520

    Matrin's Disagreement

    Martin Luther openly disagrees with many church doctrines.
  • Feb 25, 1528

    "Book of the Courtier"

    Castiglione published one of the most famous books during the renaissance, the "book of the Courtier"