Bear grylls

Jonathan's Ultimate Bear Grylls Timeline

By aishk6n
  • Birth

    On the 17th June 1974 Bear Grylls was born.
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    Bear Gryll's Life

    On the 17th June 1974 Bear Grylls was born.
  • Bear starts to climb with father

    Bear Grylls starts to go mountain climbing with his father
  • Becomes a Scout

    Becomes a Scout
    Bear Grylls becomes a cub scout, a very important part of his life.
  • Bear starts to attend Eaton College

    Bear joins Eaton College one of the world's exclusive private schools.
  • Bear graduates

    Bear Grylls graduates from the university college of London
  • Bear applies for Military

    Bear applies for Military
    After graduating with a degree in Hispanic Studies Bear decides to sign up for the British military.
  • Bear gets selected

    Bear gets selected
    Bear Grylls gets selected as one of the four out of one hundred and eighty to become an SAS soldier.
  • Bear serves in Special Air Forces

    Bear serves in Special Air Forces
    Bear serves with 21 Regiment Special Air Service, 21 SAS, as a trooper, survival instructor and Patrol Medic.
  • Bear has an accident

    Bear has an accident
    Whilst parachuting over Zambia Bear's canopy rips at 16,000 feet and is left to freefall.
  • Bear in hospital

    Bear in hospital
    Bear spends the next 18 months in and out of hospital.
  • Bear conquers Everest

    Bear conquers Everest
    Bear Grylls achieves his childhood dream and successfully climbs Mount Everest to become the youngest Briton to climb it and get his name in the record books.
  • Bear Grylls gets married

    Bear Grylls gets married
    Bear & Shara get married! Bear leads the first team to circumnavigate the UK on jetskis.
    'Facing Up' the account of Bear's Everest ascent is published and reaches into the top 10 Best seller list.
  • Bears son is born

    Their son Jesse born in June. Bear leads the first team to cross unassisted the frozen North Atlantic Ocean
  • Bear launches Man vs. Wild

    Bear's new TV Series called 'Man Vs Wild' premiers across America on the Discovery Channel.
  • Bear releases new book

    Bear releases new book
    Bear writes the latest mission survival Sands of the Scorpion.