Timeline created by Poképal
  • Alfred Binet born.

  • Alfred Adler born.

  • Margaret Washburn born.

    Born in New York
  • Carl Jung born.

  • Clark Hull born.

  • Margaret

    Margaret Washburn at age 15 graduates.
  • Kurt Lewin born.

  • David Wechsler Born

  • Donald Hebb Born.

  • Binet Review

    Alfred Binet releases the first IQ test to the public.
  • Alfred Binet Dies

  • Hans Esyench born

  • Emigration

    Alfred wanted to leave Austria and headed for the USA. He got a job as a professor.
  • Hans Eysenck

    Migrates to England because of hate for the Nazi party.
  • Stanley Milgram born.

  • Donald Hebb.

    Donald Hebb was accepted to study under Carl Lashley in the university of Chicargo.
  • Alfred Adler Dies.

  • David Wechsler

    Famous for Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
  • Margaret Washburn dies.

  • Carl Jung

    Carl Jung published the book Psychology and Alchemy.
  • Kurt Lewin dies.

  • Clark Hull dies.

  • Carl Jung dies.

  • Milgram Experiment

  • David Wechsler dies

  • Stanley Milgram Dies.

  • Donald Hebb Dies

  • Hypnosis

    Clark is oftern said to be the inventer of Hypnosis after his experiment Hypnosis and suggestibility.
  • Hans Eysenck dies