My Brother Jack

By emas999
  • Davy's Birth

    Davy's Birth
    Davy is born-date unknown
  • George Johnston's birth

    George Johnston's birth
    George Johnston is born in the same year as the character Davy.
  • Period: to


    World War One
  • Period: to

    Davy attends school

    Davy attends a technical school in Melbourne
  • WWI Ends

    WWI Ends
    The First World War ends (Rememberance Day)
  • Return of Parents

    Return of Parents
    Jack and Davy's parents returned to Austrlia but not together.
  • Period: to

    Davy's appreticeship

    Davy is an apprentice at Kleberdorf and Hardt
  • Starts writing

    Starts writing
    Davy talks to the sailmaker of the Inversnaid. That night he stared writing and sending his pieces to the Morning Post.
  • First Printed Article

    First Printed Article
    Davy recieves his first cheque from the Morning Post for his article The Glory that was
  • Meeting with Bernard Brewster

    Meeting with Bernard Brewster
    Davy meets with Bernard Brewster, the editor of the Morning Post who asks him to write a piece on a race of old Bass Straight timber ships
  • Sam is arrested

    Sam is arrested
    Samuel Burlington is arrested for the murder of his girlfriend Jess
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

    The Great Depression between WWI and WWII
  • Davy works at Newspaper

    Davy works at Newspaper
    Davy starts to work for the Morning Post
  • Wedding to Helen

    Wedding to Helen
    Davy and Helen are married. Davy is 26 and Helen is 30
  • Period: to


    World War Two
  • Period: to

    Davy at war

  • Dinner with Cressida Morley

    Dinner with Cressida Morley
    Stands up Jack and goes to dinner with Cressida. End of book.
  • Book Published

    Book Published
    My Brother Jack was first published William Collins & Sons Pty Ltm
  • George Johnston's Death

    George Johnston's Death
    George Johnston dies 2 days after his 58th birthday