Freud's Life

By edwarde
  • Date of Birth

    Sigmund Freud was born in Freiberg, moravia.
  • School Life

    Freud graduated school and began studying medicine at the university of vienna. (unknow date)
  • Profession

    Recieved his doctorate degree in medicine.
  • Team members

    worked with characot at the salpetriere hospital on hysteria and hypnosis.
  • Family beings

    Married Martha Bernyays.
  • Children

    His first child(daughter) was born. there were more after that.
  • brain talk

    First used the term psychoanalysis.
  • book works.

    Published the interpretation of dreams
  • downfall.

    Pulbished the Ego and Id and was diagnosed with cancer.
  • the end.

    Freud died of cancer in london england