Scott Fitzgerald

Timeline created by Jamesj04
  • Birthdate

    Scott was born on sept 24 1896 in saint poul of Minnesota
  • Academic failure

    He often neglected his academic studies and focused on literary training
  • Academic probation

    When he was put on probation he then decided to join the army
  • Zelda

    Scott was assigned the a camp shariden in Alabama and he met a girl named Zelda.
  • Discharged

    Scott went to New York City to seek his fortune In order to marry Zelda but she broke off the engagement not willing to live off his small salary.
  • His novel

    His novel
    Scott returned to Saint Paul to rewrite his novel “this side of paradise” and was excepted
  • Zelda and Scott

    Zelda and Scott
    Scott and Zelda got married in New York
  • Second novel

    Second novel
    They moved to New York City where Scott wrote his second novel “The Beautiful and Damned”
  • Zelda gets pregnant

    A year after they got married Zelda ended up pregnant and they returned to Saint Paul to have there only child there.
  • The vegetable

    They moved to great neck Long Island in order to be near broadway because he wrote a play called vegetable but failed.
  • The great Gatsby

    Scott revised the great gatsby and received great praise but the novel barely sold
  • Ballet

    Zelda wanted to learn ballet in hopes of becoming a professional but when they went to Paris to continue intense training it damaged her health.
  • Breakdown

    Zelda suffered her first breakdown and was taken to a hospital.
  • Relapse

    When they returned to America she relapsed and had to go to the hospital once more
  • Tender is the night

    He completed his fourth novel that mirrored the relationship of Scott and Zelda.