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  • The Automobiile

    The Automobiile
    The first automobile was invented in 1769 by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in France. The vechicles werwe powered by steam engiens. This was thee very first automobile in the world. Many other people tried this but failed. This really impacted history because it was a great way to commuicate and for tranasportation. This also impacts the future and how we make our vechiles.
    The Automobile
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    The Boston Tea Party was a big event during the 1700's. The Boston Tea Party was about the British East India Comapny cotrolled the teade of tea between India and Britian. There was a teas tax the British colonist refuse to pay so they boycotted tea. Parliment passed the Tea tax and colonist wanted it to be removed.
  • The American Revolution

    The American Revolution
    The American Revolution is aboout a iurevolution or war between the thirtenn colonies in the United States and great Britian. The thirteen colonies wanted indepdence and to stop Great Britian from ruling them. As a result the thirteen colonies won. This made a great impact in history because if we didn't have that revoution then we wil still be in Great Britians rule.
  • Declartion of Independence

    Declartion of Independence
    The Declartion of Indepence is a important event in history, because this is the time where all men were created equal. This was a great deal to many people in America. Also that the citizens have rights. This really impacted history because without the Declaration of Independence we would not have the rights we have today. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html
  • The French Revolution

    The French Revolution
    The French Revolution wqas frim 1789-1799. It was a time in French history where France was suffering. It was because because of the ecomomy and the limited amount of food.Many of the citizens got tierd of this and rebelled against tyhe king and the government. Tahts when it all started. This really impacted the history of France and the way they rule.
  • The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution
    The Industrial Revolution
    The Industrial Revolution was a time in Europe and then spreading to America, where everyone and everything was going throught a great depression. Machienes where being made and replacing people. Many people where unemployed and were looking for jobs. Also many citizens moved from rural to the urban. This really impacted history beccause it was a challeging time and inventions where being made.
  • American Civil War

    American Civil War
    American Civl War
    The American Civil War started March 4, 1861. The American Civil War was another big event in history. Many civil wars other than America happened all around the world. There are some causes of the civil war that made it all happen. For example slavery. Many people were opposed of slvery but people in the south wanted slavery for their farms.
  • The Typewriter

    The Typewriter
    <a href='http://inventors.about.com/od/tstartinventions/a/Typewriters.htm' >The Typewriter</a
    The typewriter is ivented by Chiristopher Sholes. The typewriter was a great invention to everyone around the world because instead of writing you could type. This really impacted history because it lead up to tihe invention of the computer.
  • The Telephone

    The Telephone
    The Telephone
    The telephone was a popular invention in the 1800's. This changed history and the way people communicate with each otheer. So instead of sending letters and/ or have someone sernd you a message verbally, you can talk to them yourself. The telephone was ivented by Alexander Graham Bell. The telphone did impact history because we still use it today and its a better way to commuicate to family and0 friends.
  • The Light Bulb

    The Light Bulb
    The Light Bulb
    The light bulb is one of the greastest inventions tthat were made. It was the start of electricity and many other thinks that care technology today. The light bulb was invented January 27, 1880 by Thomas Alva Edison. This really impacted history because if we didn't have the light bulb we would't have electricity today. This is a great and and famous invention.