About the company

Daniel todd timetoast founder
Founder and CEO, Daniel Todd

Timetoast is a place to make timelines on the web. Use it to create historical timelines of important events, build a timeline for your hot new product launch or plan your next family vacation. It's up to you and your imagination.

Timetoast was created by Daniel Todd, a driven startup technologist, innovator and self-funded entrepeneur.

Before independently founding Timetoast, he studied business management in The Netherlands and worked as a creative technologist in advertising agencies and small technology startups.

Daniel currently lives in London, a stone's throw from East London's Silicon Roundabout.

Timetoast timelines was released publicly in April 2008 and has since been mentioned in articles by PC Magazine, Lifehacker, The New York Times, Mashable, Adobe, 37 Signals and countless others.


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Timetoast's marks include, but are not limited to, the Timetoast name, logo and any word, phrase, image or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any Timetoast products or services. We ask that you respect our trademarks and we cannot approve any company names or application names that incorporate a Timetoast trademark, or that are confusingly similar to Timetoast's trademarks. Timetoast is a registered trademark of Daniel Todd Ltd.