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Timeline of American History 1776-1876

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42 small square Common Sense A pamphlet by Thomas Paine was published that helped get the citizens to see the importance of independence from Great Britain.
47 small square First American Flag Created Betsy Ross created the first American flag. Her flag would be the outline for the flag as we know it today.
25 small square Signing of Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence was a document that listed grievences to the King and announced the splitting of the colonies from the mother country. This document is important to America because it made the colonies of America free and independent from Great Britain.
36 small square Weath of Nations by Adam Smith Published This book was written by Adam Smith and is the most important book to our economy in history.
43 small square New York Fires A very bad fire that broke out in New York. The results were 400-1000 building/structures being ruined.
34 small square End of the American Revolution The American Revolution end on this day. It is important because it ended the war the US fought to gain independence and they won.
49 small square Signing of the US Constitution The constitution was signed becoming a huge part of our government and still is today.
26 small square George Washington Becomes President On this date, George Washington became the first president of the United States. This is an important event in American History, because this is the first time the U.S. had a leader as an independent country.
53 small square First US Bank The First US Bank was put into service. People still us banks today to deal with their money.
52 small square Bill of Rights Ratified These were a set of rights ratified and are not able to be taken away from US citizens.
40 small square Cotton Gin Invented The significance of the cotton gin is that it revolutionized sewing. It was invented by Eli Whitney.
48 small square Washington D.C. Founded Our nation's capital was founded. Washington D.C.is still our capital today.
37 small square Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase is when the US bought 828,000 square miles of Frances land. This is important to the US because it makes up 15 of its states today.
46 small square Expedition of Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark were sent on an expedition by President Jefferson to explore the western territory. This would help with Manifest Destiny.
51 small square Steamboat Invented Robert Fulton invented the steamboat. This made transportation quicker. It also contributed to pollution in the air.
44 small square First US Highway Built The first big highway in the US was built called Cumberland Rd. This was a big step for transportation.
28 small square Start of the War of 1812 This is the start of war lasted from 1812 to the end of 1814. This is important, because it brought back free trade in the U.S. and ended impressment. These were some of the goals the U.S, had.
29 small square The Burning of Washington During the War of 1812, the British burned many buildings in Washington DC including the White House and Capitol Building. This was important in American History, because two very important US building were destroyed and put the US in a bad position.
39 small square Indian Removal Act This act allowed Indians to live only where congress approved of. This was important, because the US could use their land.
38 small square Morse Code Invented The Morse Code was invented by Samuel Morse and was important for communication during wars.
45 small square Texas Added as a State The Confederate states gave away Texas as the 28th state of the Union.
35 small square First Baseball Game Played Under New Rules The first baseball game played under the new rules was played by the New York Knickerbockers at Elysian Fields in New Jersey. This is important, because it start the sport that is still really popular today.
33 small square First Woman's Rights Convention Was Held This was the first time women held a convention to fight for their rights. This is important, because it is the start of the long battle women fought to get where they are today with civil rights.
50 small square Pony Express Invented This was the first US mail system. Sending messages far away was made a lot quicker using the Pony Express.
31 small square Start of the Civil War The Civil War is a war fought between the Union (north) and the Confederate States (south) in the US. It is important to American History, because it resulted in the US being brought back together as one nation.
41 small square Emancipation Proclamation This proclamation was important because it gave slaves freedom. It was by President Lincoln.
30 small square President Lincoln's Assassination President Lincoln was assassinated while at Ford's Theatre by John Wilkes Booth. He was in the Presidential Box. This is important, because it was the first president assassination in American history.
32 small square Last Shot of the Civil War Fired This shot ended the Civil War. It is important, because it ended the 4 year war and brought the US back together.
27 small square Former Slaves are Allowed Citizenship in the U.S. The 14th ammendment was ratified and gave all people born in the U.S. the right to be a citizen. This is important, because it is a big step for former slaves to get protection from civil rights.
Thumbnailcabf0rv38e small square Invention of the First Telephone The first telephone was invented by Alexander G. Bell and was and still is an important part of communication.