The History of Cars

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Karl benz first car The first motor car was invented Karl Benz had finished the fist automobile and was ready to test drive!
7j38dca5bzha7ca5t7c14caj9d69dcad5jc7dcatz6525capjjnhrca02m6p0ca45r4grcapzxh7mcatk1zagcap3pulscaggzgxxcaih8s3kca9zywzsca4mkbqica9j5p55ca5ao55jcavnd0v9 The first pneumatic car tyre Michelin introduces the first pneumatic car tyre
280px jamais contente parade Electric car broke the 1 mile a minute (97km/h) Frenchman Camille Jenatzy`s electric car broke the one mile a minute barrier. 1 mile a minute is 97 kph.
2653542564 80a41d9b25 Ford`s motor company opens In 1903 Henry Ford opened hi motor company. In the first year the Ford motor company sold about 1,700 cars.
4266419900 757d9176eb z Ford`s 1908 `tin lizzie` In 1908 Henry Ford made his fist model-T car AKA the `Tin Lizzie
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Traffic light The first electric traffic light was invented In 1912 the first electric traffic light was invented by a Policeman named Lester Wire.But only in 1914 was one(the first)installed in Cleveland.
Images Rolls Royce was founded Charles Stewart Rolls and Henry Royce founded Rolls Royce after having met 20 years ago.
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5igcuca7ytkwccaflby2hcadbwhxccaq06xnvca9bipbfcacqxfppcazn334hca73hv9fcauiignycatpast6ca1av264caz8gh6tcafengdwcaf8g9sicabqegmscabt4spucaloj83lcac64xtl New Land speed record 272km/h Parry Thomas sets a new land speed record of 272km/h in Pendine Wales UK
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Pbj0hcaio3qlvcanqrt92caz28uerca1gfg4pca706ouqcaf2403qcaf4wtzzca10ehspcaep23dccalbysxhcaftan4qcais19kucamfpbmvca5ddzsbcaxcoccmcazfhu0vcaxpkcu4caq8ul6b First diesel powered passenger car Mercedes-Benz introduce the 260D , the first diesel passenger car. By 1939 there was a 15 month waiting list for the car
Iw306ca930x9hcar11x6gca94d06rcas2a3gucasxm31fcazz1hv4cayik6bdcagntnhdcaf07yjycax57jeccag2hih3calh6eyjcajw2i1mca9hgh17cads1ml4ca6r8qpycaa6xlppcafalgcw VW Beetle starts production Volkswagen starts production of the Beetle in Germany These were made closely to the original design until 2003 in Mexico
0broocanqtkducaaoqnaucaqfmfmucaaro7h7caxl4k43cafmc8jwca1z2ahaca748xlscaahty8fcagvxw8rcae9rbyjca9shv0rcazl4m1xca7c79n4cagpk1yjcafao6p4caju9q98cafe1r63 Land speed record now 634km/h John Cobb drives his Railton mobil special to 634km/h at Bonneville salt flats in Utah USA
Imagesca8wh7fb First All-Australian car The first all-australian car was the Holden 48-215 and was commonly known as the FX
Yg%20cfrtghj The first seatbelt for a motocar as standard equipment The seatbelt was first introduced as standard equipment in the Saab gt750. (Made in Sweden)
Va7k9cal38wm3cavivt77ca74ov69ca4ox4cbca3fx9ubcam5dfzlcaya192ncaa71qdqca9wvb7bca2di597caoqm2mwcazaf5rxca158ww7cad76rhmcaaw6lgmca4wjvxlca2xd5z6cafnbjq5 BMC Mini starts production mini test driveAlec Issignosis designed the Mini as a tiny car with a roomy interior at an affrodable price. The original design Mini was made until 2000.
Images Lamborghini was founded In 1963 Ferricco Lamborghini founded Lamborghini on the 30th of october.
Patent The Airbag first fitted to production car Airbags fitted to GM cars in the USA. Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Cadillac
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220px thrustssc The ThrustSSC Beats the world Land speed record The Thrust SSC breaking the sound barrierThe Thrust SSC(super sonic car) broke the land speed recod with a speed of 1223.657 Kph was it`s speed at 1 km. It then broke the sound barrier at 1,228 Kph
Imagescahijhoc Bugatti Veyron is introduced bugatti veyron test driveThe bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the Fastest production car with a speed of 431 Kph.