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Cugnot s  steam car 1) Invention: Cugnot builds first self-propelled road vehicle Nicolas Cugnot, a French military engineer developed a steam powered road-vehicle for the French army to haul heavy cannons.
Gov10 04rail023a%28h280%29 Murdoch builds a working model of a steam carriage Britain's first working model of a steam engine carriage
H4050081 portrait of oliver evans, american engineer spl Evans is given the first automobile patent in the US Later, in 1805, Evans created the first automobile in the USA and also the first amphibious vehicle, as his steam-powered vehicle was able to travel on wheels on land and through a paddle wheel in the water.
Racatchr Trevithick builds a full-size steam road carriage Builder of the first working railway steam locomotive
I316977 2) Discovery: First electric locomotive made Robert Davidson built an electric locomotive that attained a speed of four miles an hour. Electric cars used rechargeable batteries that powered a small electric motor. The vehicles were heavy, slow, expensive, and needed to stop for recharging frequently.
Lenoirgasengine1860 Lenoir makes a car with internal combustion engine Jean Joseph Étienne Lenoir invented a two-stroke, internal combustion engine, that was fuelled by coal gas and triggered by an electric spark-ignition,
Siegfried marcus car 3) Diffusion: First Marcus car runs on gasoline Siegfried Samuel Marcus was the first man to propel a car with gasoline.
1885benz Benz Motorwagon is the first commercially available automobile Two former French wood machinists, Rene Panhard and Emile Levassor, set up the world’s first car manufacturers. Their first car was built in 1890 using a Daimler engine.
Trackmercedes benz blitzen benz history 486726 850833 3598 1698 860349ac12 Benz makes first gasoline powered commercial auto The first vehicles driven using internal combustion engines were developed roughly at the same time by two engineers working in separate parts of Germany – Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz.They simultaneously formulated highly successful and practically powered vehicles that, worked like the cars we use today.
Panhard levassor Panhard et Levassor first motor company The first company to form exclusively to build automobiles
Duryea Duryea company builds first American gasoline automobile The first American firm to build gasoline automobiles
Timeline Lancaster builds one of first petrol car in UK
Oldsmobile old 1 Oldsmobile becomes first car sold in high volumes Dominated the veteran era of automobile production.
Ford logo Ford Motor Company formed
250px 1928 ford archives Ford introduces model A
Cad03a First Cadillacs introduced
1908modeltford b Ford Model T makes automobile usage popular By 1927, 15 million Model Ts had been manufactured. Workers on the production line assembled the car just in ninety-three minutes.
1910 race car Cars made for racing purposes Delage, Auto Union, Mercedes-Benz, Delahaye, and Bugatti constructing streamlined vehicles with engines producing up to 450 kW (612 hp), aided by multiple-stage supercharging.
Fs 1913 cadillac 4 cylinder with electric starter 366 cid 50 hp signage  h ford museum  cs Kettering invents electric starter for Cadillac Charles Kettering invented the electric ignition and starter motor. Cars could now start themselves.
Kettering later introduced independent suspension, and four-wheel brakes.
220px ford assembly line   1913 Ford makes first moving assembly line for cars Made it the biggest car manufacturer
1926 hispano suiza h6b cabriolet First single foot pedal operates 4-wheel brakes The Hispano-Suiza H6B, a French luxury car, demonstrates the first single foot pedal to operate coupled four-wheel brakes. Previously drivers had to apply a hand brake and a foot brake simultaneously.
Images First luxury cars made
French3a Deusenberg uses four wheel hydraulic brake in US The Duesenberg, made in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the first American car with four-wheel hydraulic brakes, replacing ones that relied on the pressure of the driver’s foot alone.
Timeline Power steering system introduced Invented in the 1920s by Francis W. Davis and George Jessup in Waltham, Massachusetts.
Mercedes double wishbone suspension Mercedes-Benz makes independant front suspension Introduced the first modern independent front suspension system, which gave cars a smoother ride and better handling. By making each front wheel virtually independent of the other though attached to a single axle, independent front suspension minimizes the transfer of road shock from one wheel to the other.
Timeline First air conditioned cars The Nash Motor Company adds the first air conditioning system to cars.
1940 jeep willys Jeep designed First built for the army
Timeline Airbag is invented Invented by John W. Hetrick of Newport, PA, U.S. in 1951 and he patented the device the following year.
471496.1 lg Car manufacturers go green Manufacturers acknowledge that oil reserves will dry up in the future. Start to develop engines that use more than one fuel source – hybrid engines. Honda and Toyota initially introduced their petrol/electric hybrids to the Japanese market, before releasing them in America and Europe in 2002.
Active park assist Ford introduce active park assist, back up cameras etc, Helps you parallell park, and back up