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Imagesca5sitzm *earthquake this book is called earthquake
it is basied on the napier earthquake. The story teller is a girl, whos dad dies then all of a sudden her long lost brother appears. In her house things dont turn out how she thought they would her sister and her brother always fight there is always promblems one day when she's at school the ground starts to shake ITS THE NAPIER EARTHQUAKE. what happens to there family? thats for you to find out
i would rate this a 9 it is a very good book
9781741662917 *The locket Of Dreams This book is called the locket of dreams. It's written by belinda Murrell .
It is about to girls called sophie and jessica they stay at there nans house .Then sophie and jessica's nan gives sophie a locket she deciedes to aleep with it. she magically travles back to 1858!!!!
my opinion is that it is a great book i would rate it 9/10 it is one of my favourite books i have read
i think mostly good readers and girls will enjoy it because it has quite hard small words
The lost island of tamarind *The Lost Island Of Tamarind This book is called the Lost Island Of Tamarind
it is about a girl called Maya Who has lived all her life in a boat . one day her parents get thrown of the ship into the icy cold sea Maya has to stir the boat on to land they stop in an island which is no odaniry island . No one from the outside has escaped the island before danger is every where my opion is that it is an adventure/mystriey book i would rate it 10/10 i would recomend it to both gender because anyone would love it .
Starring tracy t *Starring Tracy Beaker This book is called Starring Tracy Beaker written by Jacqueline Wilson
As tracy pearpers for her main role in the school prouduction cam her foster mum helps her learn her lines but all tracy wants to know is if her famous movie star mum will come to watch her in her starring role.
my opion is that it is a good book i would rate it 8/10
I recomened this book to both genders and think people should read it
1122885 l The Oxford Treasury of Childern's poems
Grizzly Grizzly Trap
My%20sister%20the%20vampier my sister the vampier
Shark bait extreme adventures shark bait
9780143304418 Monkey Mountain
Books%5b2%5d *Conspiracy 365 1: January This book is the first book in the seris. On New Year's Eve, Callum Ormond is chased down the street by a crazy man with a scary warning: They killed your father. They'll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days! Cal (callum) gets kidnapped and then accused for attacking his sister and anckle. He has to live on the run. He gets kidnapped again but this time it was worse they left him to drown in an oil tank its filling up and fast.......
This is a very exciting seris i would rate it 10/10
Books Conspiracy 365 2: February
Books%20%281%29 *Conspiracy 365 3: March Cal's Trapped, with a train coming right at him, Cal's chances of survival are very small. The cops and criminal gangs are disperate they want him behind bars ,or dead. Will he survive? I love this book it's packed with fast moving adventure. I love the whole seris so far i totally recomend it.
Books%20%282%29 Conspiracy 365 4:April
Books%20%283%29 Conspiracy 365 5:May
Books Conspiracy 365 6: June
Books%20%281%29 conspiracy 365 7:July
Books%20%282%29 Conspiracy 365 8:August
Books%20%283%29 Conspiracy 365 9: September
Coraline book Caroline
Books%20%284%29 Conspiracy 365 10: October
Little women Little Women
Books%20%285%29 Conspiracy 365 11: November
Books%20%286%29 *Conspiracy 365 12: December Cal has been now been on the run for 12 months. His goal was to stay alive and solve the mystery of the Ormonds and find the Ormond Singularity. With the help of the Ormond Jewel and Ormond Riddle He finds the Ormond Singularity But does he survive...... This seris is offically the best seris ever i think anyone can enjoy this book
74372 The Sliver Sword
Hobbit2002 The Hobbit
On Boy This book is a great book it really makes you laugh. It's about the childhood of Rolad Dahl.I learnt he was up to lots of mischef.
The bfg BFG
Silversword Sliver Sword (with Mrs Hitchcock)
Hunger games cover *Hunger games I really enjoyed this book. It is a non-stop adventure book. I couldn't stop reading it. I would rate it 10/10 and would suggest it to advance readers since it has 478 pages. (cant wait for the next book)
Adult cover catching fire uk Catching Fire
The hunger games mockingjay1 *Mocking Jay (Hunger Games last book) I really enjoyed this book. It is a heart racing story just like all of the other hunger game books. I personally would recommend this book to good readers that like adventure books. I would rate this book 10/10 as it made me stay up very late for several nights.
( wont let me upload picture)
Hatchet3 Hatchet
Cliffhanger Clif hanger
51ibnhwpxyl. sl500 aa300 *Escape I really enjoyed this book. It has many stories in it about trying to escape Alcatraz. It tells how men risked their life trying to get away from this prison.
Holes3 *Holes This book is awesome. This book has also been turned into a movie but trust me it's alot better to read it. Mystreys, prisions, escaping, Zero, friends, describes this book in words. I would really recomend this book. Personally i would rate it 10/10
Twilight book cover1 Twilight
Janary Conspiracy 365 code black January
February Conspiracy 365 Code Black February
March Conspiracy 365 Code Black March
Revenge * Revenge After 365 days on the run Cal is back with his family and friends. But one night he receives a message 30 days. Is it real or a prank? Then suddenly he disappears, his friends or family don’t know where he is or if he is even alive.
I think this book is a great book filled with lots of mystery. I would really recommend this book. 10/10 is what i would rate it. REVENGE IS THE BEST BOOK EVER !!
April Conspiracy 365 Code Black April
May Conspiracy 365 Code Black May
Images Conspiracy 365 Code Black July
June Conspiracy 365 Code Black June
Timeline The gizmo again This book is about a kid who gets bullied at school,by a gang. He thinks the only way for the gang to stop bullying him is if he joins. After a range of bad events jack the boy gets stuck with the gizmo. Every step he takes he shrinks will he ever get out of this torture?
December Conspiracy 365 Code Black December
November Conspiracy 365 Code Black November
August Conspiracy 365 Code Black August
September Conspiracy 365 Code Black September
October Conspiracy 365 Code Black October
9781869505684 A Canoe in the Mist
Spoiled *Spoiled This book is pretty long but it is totally worth reading. It's about a girl who finds out her biological father is a famous movie director and actor. She decideds to go live with him in Los Angeles. When she gets there she realises she has a half sister which is spoiled she gets what ever she wants when ever she wants.
It's a really good book and i would really recomend it
9c82b61b 47f6 41d7 8792 e37c52872eed img100 *My Secert Diary This book is okay it's not one of my favourite books it has interesting parts but then it bores starts to bore you. I would rate it a 6/10
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