Michelle Obama

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Michelle%20obama%20baby Michelle Obama was born
Michey Michelle Obama attends elementary school The schools name is Bryn Mawr Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois.She attended elementary school in 1970-1977.
Amich Michelle Obama graduates from elementary school Michelle 's school was named Bryn Mawr Elementary School. It is located in Chicaga, Illinois.
Michelle Michelle Obama graduated from her high school The name of her high school was, "Whitney Young High School".
Gradmich Michelle Obama graduates from Princeton University She graduated with a B.A. in Sociology.
Gradmichy Michelle Obama graduates from Harvard Law School. She graduated Harvard Law School at age 28.
Barack Michelle Obama marries Barack Obama
Malia2 Michelle's first daughter was born. Malia is on the right of Barack in the picture.
Sasha Michelle Obama's second daughter is born. Michelle's second daughter's name is Sasha.Sasha is the one in the front of the picture.
Workout Michelle Obama starts the Let's Move campaign. Let's Move is a program to help prevent childhood obesity.
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Michelle Obama Michelle Obama has influenced the world in a positive way with her actions.