Radford College

Timeline created by Radford College
In History
  • Conception

    A third Anglican school for Canberra is first mooted
  • Establishment Committee

    The Establishment Committee is created
  • Seeking Support

    The Establishment Committee begins to gather support for the new school
  • Bruce is Selected

    The Bruce site is selected
  • Interim Board Created

    The Interim Board is established under the leadership of Dr T.B.Millar
  • First Principal Named

    First Principal Named
    Jock Mackinnon is made Radford's first Principal
  • Naming

    The new school is formally named Radford College
  • Protests

    The Teacher's Federation and Trade and Labour Council picket the building site
  • Foundation Stone Laid

    Foundation Stone Laid
    The school's foundation stone is laid by Bishop Cecil Warren
  • First Day

    The first day of school
  • Opening

    Radford College is formally opened by Sir Ninian Stephen
  • Crest and Motto

    Crest and Motto
    The current school crest and motto are chosen
  • T.B.Millar Departs

    T.B.Millar Departs
  • First Chaplain Appointed

    Father David Lunniss is named the first Chaplain of Radford
  • Stage 2 Building Completed

  • Senior School Opening

    The original Senior School area is opened
  • T.B.Millar Hall Opened

    T.B.Millar Hall Opened
  • First Graduation

    First Graduation
    The first year 12s graduate.
  • Peter Casson Named Principal

    Peter Casson Named Principal
  • J.A.Mackinnon Oval Opened

  • Collegians Association

    The first meeting of the Collegians Association is held
  • Graeme Wigg Named Principal

    Graeme Wigg Named Principal
  • 10 Year Anniversary

  • G. Wigg Sports Centre Opened

    G. Wigg Sports Centre Opened
  • Performing Arts Centre Opened

    Performing Arts Centre Opened
  • Radford Archives Opened

    The Radford Archives are opened by foundation staff member Shirley Campbell
  • David Mulford Named Principal

    David Mulford Named Principal
  • Chapel Opened

    Chapel Opened
    Designed by Rodney Moss, the Chapel goes on to win an architectural award in 2003
  • Molly Brownbill Retires

    Molly Brownbill Retires
    Long-time and highly valued staff member Molly Brownbill retires
  • Middle School Opening

    Middle School Opening
  • 20th Anniversary

    20th Anniversary
  • ELC Opened

    ELC Opened
  • Arts Centre Opening

    Arts Centre Opening
  • 25th Anniversary

  • Junior School Opening

    Junior School Opening
  • Phillip Heath Named Principal

    Phillip Heath Named Principal
  • Radford Institute Founded

  • Community Contribution Award

    Order of Australia Association Awards for Community Contribution
  • Community Contribution Award

    Order of Australia Association Awards for Community Contribution
  • Junior School Extension

    Increase in Junior School Year 4 Centre (Gold Rooms)
  • Formation of the Middle Years

  • John Leyshon Retires

    John Leyshon Retires
    Former Deputy Principal John Leyshon retires
  • Statement of Intent Approved

    Radford College Statement of Intent approved
  • 30th Anniversary

    The three Radford Time Capsules are interred
  • Fiona Godfrey Named Principal

    Fiona Godfrey Named Principal
  • New Senior School Opening

    The three Radford time capsules are interred on this date
  • Dirrum Dirrum Centre Formation

    Formation of Dirrum Dirrum Centre for Ethics, Values and Compassion
  • Fiona Godfrey Commissioned

    Fiona Godfrey Commissioned
    New principal Fiona Godfrey's comissioning service took place on this day.
  • Phillip O'Regan Named Deputy Principal

    Phillip O'Regan Named Deputy Principal
  • Senior School Building Awarded

    Senior School Building Awarded
    The new Senior School building is honoured by the Australian Institute of Architects http://www.archdaily.com/516482/australian-institute-of-architects-announces-winner-of-2014-act-awards
  • New Road Entrance Opens

    New Road Entrance Opens
  • Peter Dodd Announces Resignation

    Peter Dodd Announces Resignation
    Head of Highschool, Peter Dodd, announces his resignation after 29 years.
  • Radford Joins the Healthier Workplaces Scheme

  • 21st Anniversary of Radford Rowing

    21st Anniversary of Radford Rowing
  • Sean Michell and Ottmar Weiss Retire

    Two long-serving board directors retire.
  • 1 to 1 Program Launched

    1 to 1 Program Launched
    In a new initiative, students are provided with electronic devices with access to educational software. The program is a rapid success.
  • New Access Ramps

    New Access Ramps
    Work is begun on new access ramps on campus.
  • Radford Dance Academy Announced

    Radford Dance Academy Announced
    The building of a dance studio is announced, with plans for opening at the beginning of 2016
  • New Executive Role Created

    Radford announces plans to employ a Director of Assessment, Reporting and Curriculum for 2016.
  • 2016-2020 Strategic Plan Released

  • Dance Academy Opens

    Enrollments open to the newly created Radford Dance Academy, run by Danielle White, Radford's first Director of Movement
  • New Entrance Signs Installed

    New signs are installed at the original school entrance, as well as the newly opened Haydon Drive entrance.
  • Jock Mackinnon Passes Away

    Jock Mackinnon Passes Away
    Radford's founding Principal, Jock Mackinnon, passes away at the age of 88
  • Opening of Junior School Top Oval

    Opening of Junior School Top Oval
  • Junior School Recognised as Apple Distinguished School

    The Radford Junior School is recognised as an Apple Distinguished School, an invitation-only award which highlights schools for excellence in education and technological integration and innovation. http://www.apple.com/education/apple-distinguished-schools/
  • Radford Foundation Launched

    A special foundation is launched, through which donations, pledges and bequests from the community can be made to support the school
  • Chairman of the Board Retires

    Ian Morison, Chairman of the School Board for ten years, announces his retirement.
  • Period: to

    Gauging Interest

    Newspaper advertisements are published to gauge public interest. The first enrollments begin to flood in.