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Timeline Conception A third Anglican school for Canberra is first mooted
Timeline Establishment Committee The Establishment Committee is created
Timeline Seeking Support The Establishment Committee begins to gather support for the new school
Timeline Bruce is Selected The Bruce site is selected
Timeline Interim Board Created The Interim Board is established under the leadership of Dr T.B.Millar
Ct december 22nd 1982 First Principal Named Jock Mackninnon is made Radford's first Principal
Ct feb. 9th 1983 Naming The new school is formally named Radford College
Feb. 22nd 1983 pg 2 Protests The Teacher's Federation and Trade and Labour Council picket the building site
Ct april 26th 1983 Foundation Stone Laid
Timeline First Day The first day of school
Timeline Opening Radford College is formally opened by Sir Ninian Stephen
Crest Crest and Motto The current school crest and motto are chosen
Tb millar address T.B.Millar Departs
Timeline First Chaplain Appointed Father David Lunniss is named the first Chaplain of Radford
Timeline Stage 2 Building Completed
Timeline Senior School Opening The original Senior School area is opened
Hall dedication2 T.B.Millar Hall Opened
1988 %28colour%29 First Graduation The first year 12s graduate.
Peter casson. anglican news feb. 1989 Peter Casson Named Principal
Timeline J.A.Mackinnon Oval Opened
Timeline Collegians Association The first meeting of the Collegians Association is held
Wigg Graeme Wigg Named Principal
Timeline 10 Year Anniversary
Ct april 4th 1998 G. Wigg Sports Centre Opened
Performing arts centre. ct december 8th 1999 Performing Arts Centre Opened
Timeline Radford Archives Opened The Radford Archives are opened by foundation staff member Shirley Campbell
D.j.mulford David Mulford Named Principal
Chapel. ct july 6th 2003 Chapel Opened Designed by Rodney Moss, the Chapel goes on to win an architectural award in 2003
09 apr 2003 22 43 48 molly brownbill Molly Brownbill Retires Long-time and highly valued staff member Molly Brownbill retires
Ct mar 31st 2004 Middle School Opening
Ct april 28th 2004 20th Anniversary
Ct mar 29th 2006 pg 1 ELC Opened
Arts opening 9 08 06 17 06 06 Arts Centre Opening
Timeline 25th Anniversary
Junior school opening ch may 6th 2008 Junior School Opening
Dsc 4268 Phillip Heath Named Principal
Timeline Community Contribution Award Order of Australia Association Awards for Community Contribution
Timeline Radford Institute Founded
Timeline Community Contribution Award Order of Australia Association Awards for Community Contribution
Timeline Formation of the Middle Years
Timeline Junior School Extension Increase in Junior School Year 4 Centre (Gold Rooms)
Timeline Statement of Intent Approved Radford College Statement of Intent approved
John leyshon John Leyshon Retires Former Deputy Principal John Leyshon retires
Timeline 30th Anniversary The three Radford Time Capsules are interred
Fiona godfrey portrait 1 for web Fiona Godfrey Named Principal
Timeline New Senior School Opening The three Radford time capsules are interred on this date
Timeline Dirrum Dirrum Centre Formation Formation of Dirrum Dirrum Centre for Ethics, Values and Compassion
Fgodfrey Fiona Godfrey Commissioned New principal Fiona Godfrey's comissioning service took place on this day.
Poregan Phillip O'Regan Named Deputy Principal
Colorbond coxarchitecture radfordseniorschool benwrigley Senior School Building Awarded The new Senior School building is honoured by the Australian Institute of Architects
Ct feb 1st 2015 New Road Entrance Opens
dsc5443 Peter Dodd Announces Resignation Head of Highschool, Peter Dodd, announces his resignation after 29 years.
Timeline Radford Joins the Healthier Workplaces Scheme
P1020572 21st Anniversary of Radford Rowing
Timeline Sean Michell and Ottmar Weiss Retire Two long-serving board directors retire.
Ict news junior school 1 to  1 photo 1 to 1 Program Launched In a new initiative, students are provided with electronic devices with access to educational software. The program is a rapid success.
Ramp in use New Access Ramps Work is begun on new access ramps on campus.
Radf dance Radford Dance Academy Announced The building of a dance studio is announced, with plans for opening at the beginning of 2016
Timeline New Executive Role Created Radford announces plans to employ a Director of Assessment, Reporting and Curriculum for 2016.
Timeline 2016-2020 Strategic Plan Released Available for viewing online
Timeline Dance Academy Opens Enrollments open to the newly created Radford Dance Academy, run by Danielle White, Radford's first Director of Movement
Timeline New Entrance Signs Installed New signs are installed at the original school entrance, as well as the newly opened Haydon Drive entrance.
Mackinnon Jock Mackinnon Passes Away Radford's founding Principal, Jock Mackinnon, passes away at the age of 88
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Gauging Interest Newspaper advertisements are published to gauge public interest. The first enrollments begin to flood in.