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Hitler's Reign of Terror

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Images[2] small square Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany. On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. He immediately sent a powerful message of anti-Jew and anti-Communist feelings. He would remain chancellor until 1934.
Images[7] small square First concentration camp established. Nazi Germany opens its first concentration camp at Dachau. Its prisoners are only political prisoners... for now.
Images[4] small square Book burnings Books by Jews and opponents of Nazism (Communists,Capitalists, etc.) are burned publicly.
Images[3] small square Total control of Germany Hitler appoints himself President-Chancellor of Germany and begins his regime by persecuting Jews.
Images[1] small square No Jews allowed Jews are slowly being phased out of Hitler's New Germany. Shown here, a Jew is caught trying to illegally escape from Germany.
Images[5] small square The Nuremburg Laws The Nuremburg Laws took away citizenship from every Jew in Nazi-occupied Germany.
Images small square Invasion of Rhineland Hitler violates the Versailles Treaty even further by sending his army into the Rhineland area.
Images[6] small square Olympic Games of 1936 The Olympic Games are held in Berlin. All of the "No Jews" posters are removed until August 16.
Images[6] small square Olympic Games of 1936 The Olympic Games are held in Berlin. All of the "No Jews" posters are removed until August 16.
Images[7] small square Camp number two A concentration camp is opened named Buchenwald.
Images[8] small square Germany annexes Austria Germany brought Austria under its control in 1938.
Images[9] small square Night of Broken Glass On this infamous night, Hitler ordered that thousands of Jews and their property be desecrated and destroyed.
Images 2 small square Non-Aggression Pact signed The Soviet-German Non-aggression pact was signed to prevent the Soviet Union from entering into conflict.
Images[10] small square Beginning of the War Germany invades Poland and World War II begins.
Images 5 small square Star of David Germans force Jews in Poland to wear a yellow Star of David on their chests.
Images 3 small square In the ghetto... The Nazis establish the first Polish ghetto, this was known as the Warsaw ghetto.
Images 4 small square European Invasions Germany invades and defeats Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and France.
Images small square Auschwitz Terror Nazi Germany opens what will be one of the most feared concentration camps at Auschwitz, Poland.
Images 1 small square Hitler Grows Stronger Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia join the Axis Powers.
Images 2 small square The German army invades North Africa. The Nazis push as far south as North Africa, and immediately begin persecuting Jews.
Images 3 small square Pearl Harbor Japan launches a surprise attack against Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
Images[7] small square Auschwitz Mass-Murders All Jews in concentration camps in Nazi Germany are sent to Auschwitz.
Images 4 small square D-Day On this day, the Allied forces invaded Normandy and won the battle.
Images[10] small square Death marches Nazis send Jews on "death marches" to the Eastern Front.
Images[11] small square Liberation of Auschwitz The Soviet Army liberates Auschwitz.
Images 1 small square The death of a tyrant Hitler commits suicide in the Fuhrerbunker on the Eastern front rather than being captured.
Images 6 small square End of WWII Soviet forces invade Berlin and capture it. Germany surrenders, and the war is now officially over.
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Hitler enters power in Germany