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History of Cars

Timeline created by KristenS in Science and Technology
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Car7 small square Nicolas Joseph Cugnot The first self propelled road vehicle (military tractor)
Car8 small square Robert Anderson First electric powered carriage.
Car13 small square Thomas Davenport Built the first practical electric vehicle- a small locomotive
Car11 small square George Baldwin Selden WilhelmFirst gasoline powered, combined internal combustion engine with a carriage.
Car9 small square Karl Friedrich Benz First gasoline powered automobile.
Car10 small square Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler First four wheeled. four- stroke engine ("Cannstatt- Daimler").
Car17 small square Wilhelm Maybach Built the first four- cylinder, four- stroke engine
Car12 small square Charles Edgar Duryea First successful gas powered car with a two- stroke motor.