Early Explorers in North America

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Oct 12th, 1492
Christopher Columbus discovers the "new world." Christopher Columbus lands on an island in the Caribbean Sea that he named San Salvador.
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Nov 1st, 1497
John Cabot Explores Up North At the same time that the Spanish were exploring the southwestern part of the country, others were exploring the North. John Cabot, an Italian sailor was employed by the English to explore the "new world." In 1492 he discovered Newfoundland in Canada.
Apr 1st, 1513
Ponce de Leon lands in Pascua Florida Ponce de Leon, the governor of Puerto Rico discovers Pascua Florida in 1513 while on his expedition for the city of gold. It is now known as modern day St. Augenstine, Florida. A few years later he returns looking for the fountain of youth and is killed by the Indians protecting their land.
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May 1st, 1539
Hernando de Soto arrives in Florida. Hernando de Soto arrives in Florida in 1539 with 1000 men and 350 horses searching for gold. He traveled north inland through the Appalachians and headed west. He made it to the Mississippi River before he fell ill with a fever and died.
Apr 1st, 1540
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado discovers the Grand Canyon Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, the governor of many Spanish territories in Mexico sets off on an expedition searching for the cities of gold. He does not find the cities of gold but does discover the Grand Canyon!
Coronado expedition
Jun 29th, 1541
Spanish Missions Coronado and his soldiers march into Kansas and give up the search for the cities of gold. They began to teach the Native Americans about Christianity, built schools and churches called missions.
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Apr 1st, 1565
Pedro Menendez de Aviles lands in St. Augustine, Florida. A spaniard by the name of Pedro Menendez de Aviles visits the same area that Ponce de Leon visited. He meets with the Indians and names the area St. Augustine after his Christian religion.
Henry hudson 9346049 1 402 Henry Hudson tried four times to find the Northwest Passage. Henry Hudson was an Englishman that attempted to discover a short cut from Europe to Asia through modern day New York. He attempted this exploration in 1607, 1608, 1609, & 1610. HIs crew rebelled against him after the final attempt and he was never heard from again.
Unknown Samuel de Champlain brings the fur trade to New France A frenchman named Samuel de Champlain set off looking for furs. He explored Canada and in 1608 built a fur trading post in Quebec. He is called the "Father of New France", because of his early influence of French Canada.
893a3665 1dd8 b71c 07a59c60f272e203 large The Castillo de San Marcos is built in St. Augustine, Florida. Spanish Colonial Culture The Spanish build a frot to defend themselves against soldiers coming from other European countries. St. Augustine was the first permanent settlement in the New World.
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Jan 1st, 1490

Early Explorers in North America