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2014 Sochi Olympics

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Vladdy Sochi Bid's for Winter Olympics 2014 Russia in the second time after loosing to China in 2002 for hosting the Winter games promises to promote growth in their resort town. President Vldamir Putin promises well over 15 Billion (US) in preperations.
Russia wins Sochi Wins the Bid for the 2014 Winter Games Russia wins the bid to host the games. A long time goal for the President Vladimir Putin,he will only have 7 years to prepare. Many think that he won't be able to. It's the first time since 1980 since the former USSR held the Olympic games in Moscow.
Construction Major Construction begins Major construction begins, the same year as the 2008 Winter Olympics in China. Speculation begins with the estimated cost being over 51 billon (US)
Olympic park Olympic Park Built as the main Venue for the games Built in off the coast of Black Sea the location of the main venue is one of the warmest locations in Russia.In order to build the massive buildings many locals claimed to be kicked from their homes in order to build the massive project. Laborers have been quoted to work 12+ hour days weekly, and there are some reports of those who weren't paid.
Stadium Olympic Stadium and Ice Arenas are finished With a seating capacity of 75,000 the stadium can hold any size of crowd. It will be the location of the opening ceromonies. The ice arenas are within walking distance of the stadium.
Th2w35fcg7 The Ski Town Krasnaya Polyana finishes construction Outside Sochi, 25 miles away sits the Town of Krasnaya Polyana. With their highest lift over 7,500 feet above sea level.
Th5nj9cjsm Russia Anti Gay bill is passed At a 436-0 vote, the Russian with backing from the Kremlin voted on propoganda and the effects on young children. The bill causes a public demostration which eventually turned violent
Thzjif6p3o Olympic Torch Relay begins The Torch would pass through all of Russia, and it would even be launched into space to the International Space Station.
Thwdasq4s8 Volograd Explosions Less than 3 hours away from Sochi, in the town of Volograd terrorist attacks rock the city. In less that 24 hrs. two sites were hit, one on a public transport bus and the other in the train station. Organized by terrorist out of the Dagestan Region, many believe they have mulism extremest ties and are labled as "insurgents" (BBC) Picture (Wordpress Dec. 2013)
Inline 570450977481 Protestor detained in Voronez for Rainbow clored flag On one of the longest tours ever for the Olympic Relay, when the torch passed through the town of Voronez a Gay Rights supporter is detained by security forces. All public Gay protest are banned till the end of March by Presidential Decree. (Associated Press/ESPN 2024) Picture ( the republic)
Bfw7jjgcqaeolg The Iron Gate is deployed around the Olympic Venues. Due to security concerns from terrorist Russia deploys a security net over the games. Any outside vechicles not from Sochi are not allowed to enter the city without given permission. Matt Gutman from ABC news tweeted of Armed Russian Navy Cruisers "Look closely. An armada of #Russian Navy patrol boats off the #Sochi
coast. I counted 7 in a 2 mile stretch " (ben gittleson ABC News) Picture (Matt Gutman)
Snowflake Opening Ceromonies With millions spent by the Russian Government there were two glitches. One snowflace that was suppose to open into a ring did not open. Also many saw a man go to the wrong spot when trying to form a russian flag. Twitter goes mad the the #sochiproblems as the most popular # for the day. Russia edits the footage to show the rehersal show.
Sochi flight Hijacker Tries to devert flight to Sochi Ankara Turkey, A Ukrainian man who tried to devert a flight from Ukraine to Turkey tried to divert the plane to Sochi. Many believe it was to discuss problems in Kiev. He was later subdued by Turkey SWAT.
Thgf0y3hpb Opening Ceromonies With the success of the Opening Ceromonies in China Russia will have to upstage the performance that many have called the best performance ever.
140208192948 sochi winners day one sage wins horizontal gallery USA Wins its first Gold Medal Sage Kotsenburg wins the first USA medal in the Men's Slopestyle Snowboard event