Enders Game

Timeline created by zclemenson
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline It begins The IF commisions Enders parents to have a third child to get the best of two oppisite children (Valentine and Peter)
Timeline The Moniter Ender rcieves the Moniter
Timeline Enders confrontaions Ender gets in a fight with stilson and Peter is happy about Ender not making it into the IF
Timeline Ender loses the Moniter
Timeline Ender Leaves For Battle School Graff comes to pick up ender
Timeline Ender is a launchie
Timeline Ender joins Salamander
Timeline Enders First Battle
Timeline Traded to Rat
Timeline Traded to Pheonix
Timeline Toon Leader
Timeline Dragon Army
Timeline Bonzo Ender fights Bonzo
Timeline Ender Graduates
Timeline Ender goes to Command School
Timeline Ender starts the sim
Timeline Ender wins the War
Timeline Ender cant go back to earth
Timeline Ender is Governer of the Colonies
Timeline Ender finds the Queen
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Enders Life

Battle School

Prep for Command School

Command School

Governer of the Colonies

Ender travels to find new planets