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The History of Bowling

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Timeline small square 23rd Oct, 1366 King Edward III, England King Edward III outlawed the game in order to keep his troops focused on their archery practice.
Rules small square Rules of the game established The first standardization of the rules of the game was established on September 9, 1895 at Beethoven Hall in New York City. It was then that the American Bowling Congress was formed and major national competitions began.
Ball small square The Mineralite ball introduced The first Mineralite ball was introduced in 1914 by the Brunswich Corporation
Women small square Women's Bowling Congress founded The Women’s International Congress came much later in the year 1917 under the encouragement of proprietor Dennis Sweeny. The women leaders participating in a tournament later formed the Woman’s National Bowling Association.
Machine small square Pin Setting Machine Installed irst commercial installation of a pin setting machine came in 1952
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