Spanish conquest

The Spanish Conquest

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The mayas
The Mayas The ancient Maya civilization occupied the eastern third of Mesoamerica, primarily the Yucatan Peninsula.
Jan 6th, 1325
Tenochtitlan Aztecs found Tenochtitlan.
Isabella queen of spain
Apr 22nd, 1451
Isabella, Queen of Spain Isabella's half-brother, Henry IV, became king of Castile when their father, John II, died in 1454. Isabella was only three years old, and her younger brother Alfonso was the expected heir. Isabella was raised by her mother, Isabella of Portugal, until 1457, when the two children were brought to court by Henry IV to keep them from being used by opposition nobles.
Feb 14th, 1492
Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean islands. When Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean islands in 1492, he thought he had reached the East Indies in Asia. THerefore, he called the natives "Indians."
Treaty of tordesillas
Jan 1st, 1494
Treaty of Tordesillas The treaty of Tordesillas was a treaty between the Portuguese and the Spanish resolving land disputes in the new world. It was an agreement on receiving stolen property.
Jan 1st, 1502
Montezuma Montezuma was trained as a priest and rose to become leader of the Aztecs in 1502. At the time the Aztecs controlled most of what is now Mexico and Central America, their capital being at the great city of Tenotchitlan (Mexico City).
Spanish conquest
Feb 6th, 1519
Spanish Conquest Cortes and his soldiers had conquerd the Aztecs . The Native Americans were conqured by the Spanish.
Cortes conquers aztecs
Jan 1st, 1521
Cortez conquers Aztec empire The Spanish conquest of the Aztecs in 1521, led by Hernando Cortes, was a landmark victory for the European settlers.
Francisco pizarro
Jan 7th, 1532
Francisco Pizarro Francisco Pizarro is the Spanish conquistador known for conquering Peru's Inca Empire and founding the city of Lima in 1535.
Timeline 1608 Jesuit state of Paraguay is established.
Viceroy Viceroy is recalled to Spain. Vicery is recalled to Spain after rioting in Mexico City by Indians and others.
Earthquake Earthquake hits Santiago, Chile In 1647, a new earthquake hit the city, which was practically destroyed. Once again, Santiago was raised again. It began to recover and keep a constant growth pace.
Ng New Granada Spanish established viceroyalty of New Granada, encompassing all territory between Orinco and Amazon.
Simon bolivar Simon Bolivar In 1783, Simon Bolivar, the great liberator of South America, was born in Caracas. For more than 200 years, this city had been one of the great centres of Spanish imperial power in South America. Ever since de Losada had founded it in 1567, Caracas had grown in size, power and influence.
Toussaint Toussaint L'Ouverture led a slave rebellion in Haiti In the 1790's, Toussaint L'Ouverture led a slave rebellion in Haiti and took over the government of the islands.
Brazil s indepence Independence of Brazil Brazil declared its indepence from Portugal after Dom Pedro agreed to rule Brazil as an independent country.
Unites provinces of central america United Provinces of Central America El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras make up the Unites Provinces of Central America. The whole region decleared its independence from Mexico and took the name the United Provinces of Central America.
Mexican%20american%20war Mexican American War The Mexican War between the United States and Mexico began with a Mexican attack on American troops along the southern border of Texas. Fighting ended when U.S. Gen. Winfield Scott occupied Mexico City on Sept. 14, 1847; a few months later a peace treaty was signed at Guadalupe Hidalgo. In addition to recognizing the U.S. annexation of Texas defeated Mexico ceded California and , New Mexico to the United States
Panama's%20indepen. Panama won its independence In 1903, Panama was still province of Colombia, which did not like the idea. THe United States encouraged a revolution in Panama, & when it won its independence, Pnama granted the United States a ten-mile-wide zone in which to build a canal.
Juan%20peron Juan Peron In 1946 Juan Peron is elected president of Argentina.