World War II (1938-1940)

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  • Is This A Sign???

    Is This A Sign???
    On March 12th, something that lead up to WWII was Hitler annexing Austria into Germany.
    This was also known as the Anchluss.
  • The Beginning Of A War...

    The Beginning Of A War...
    It was September 1st, 1938 when WW2 first began...
    Germany had invaded Poland as vengeance for taking some of there land after World War 1.
  • More Hitler...

    More Hitler...
    On September 15 1938, Adolf Hitler meets up with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and states his demand that Czechoslovakia yield the Sudetenland....

    On August 2nd 1939, Albert Einstein signed a letter that was sent to Franklin D. Roosevelt warning him that the Germans might be developing atomic weapons and suggested that the U.S. should start to prepare one as well...
  • Surprising Turn Of Events...

    Surprising Turn Of Events...
    Surprisingly enough, on August 20th 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union signed a trade pact and was announced on that exact day!!!
  • Allies...

    France and Britain were great allies as the declared war on Germany on September 3rd 1939!
    Later on, deeper into the war, they were great help towards many countries in need!!! Most of those countries included (most) of North Africa!

    Many things happened that day including how Germany invaded Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and that Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom then invaded Iceland.
    Belgium unfortunately declared a state of emergency.
    The invasion of Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France begins... DUN DUN DDUUUNNNN!!!

    The Belgians blew up every single bridge over the Meuse River to halt the German advance!!!
    Battle of Hannut ( A second world war battle and the largest tank battle) took place and began in Belgium.
  • An Unsuccessful Attempt And A New Announcement!!

    An Unsuccessful Attempt And A New Announcement!!
    On that day, the Netherlands have beaten Germany after their unsuccessfully attempt of invading the Netherlands.
    Meanwhile, Britain's secretary sate for war announced their new Local Defence Volunteers ( The Home Guard )!!!
  • Evidence

    Unfortunately, France and Britain left some helmets on a German beach... They got suspicious after they found them, they started to examine them and look further into it...

    After a LONG 18 day war between Belgium and Germany...
    Belgium's ruler ( King Leopold III ) announces it and is then confined as a prisoner... He was basically interned.
  • A Shocking Agreement...!

    A Shocking Agreement...!
    Japan and the Soviet Union arranged an agreement to finally end their dispute for the borders of Manchukuo!! Manchuckuo was a puppet state of the Empire of Japan... The following picture is of Manchukuo's flag!!
  • A Truce...

    A Truce...
    At exactly 6:36 PM, Germany and France signed an official truce to stop war for a little while...
    It only had effect till midnight on January 25th!!!!
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    World War II (1938-1940)

    The first few years of WWII