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A Austraia and Hungry declare war against Serbia Austro –Hungarian Government restricted Mobilisation against Serbia. Austria and Hungry announce war with Serbia.
B Germany sent challenge to Russia Germany sent a challenge to Russia. Germany proclaims conflict on Russia and orders general mobilisation.
C Germany declare war with France Germany declare war with France. Many troops went to Belgium under a plan drawn up in 1905.British secretary Sir Edward Grey sent a challenge to Germany to withdraw with Belgium.
D Britain declare war with Germany British declared war with Germany because Germany didn’t withdraw with Belguim.Belguim and Britain were in an alliance together
E Japan declare war with Germany Japan declared war on Germany through alliance( Triple Entente) with Great Britain which was signed in 1902 .
M Arrival at Gallipoli Troops arrive at the destination where they will fight, the war was known as Anzac Cove in the Gallipoli Peninsula. Troop s were preparing for battle along the ranges of the area.Between 4:30 and 4:45am, the 3rd Australian Brigade landed at Gallipoli. The rest of the Anzac corps arrived throughout the day. By the evening, the Anzacs held a 2km long narrow triangle of land.
B Sunken Ship The Australian ship AE2, was sunken by a Turkish torpedo boat, the Sultan Hissar. This submarine was one of the first allied warships to navigate the Dardanelles successfully. The crew on the AE2 were captured and spent the rest of the war in Turkish prisoner-of-war camps.
C Unsuccessful Attack The Australian 2nd Brigade attacked the Turks in Krithia in the British area in Helles. The attack was unsuccessful. Charles Bean had written: “The stone houses of Krithia were still 2000 yards away, but in advancing 1000 yards the brigade, already reduced at Anzac to 2900 men, lost in one short hour another 1000.”
A02826 Death of Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick John joined the merchant marine at the age of 17 .He was known for being "The man with the donkey" as he carried many wounded soldiers on his donkey. Simpson was killed on 19th of May,1915 by a Turkish bullet during one of his morning journeys up Monash Valley to retrieve wounded men.
D Prisoners Six Australians from the 9th Battalion were made prisoners-of-war by the Turks. This happened after they failed the diversionary attack in the southern sector of Anzac in Holly Ridge. Three of the men had survived the captivity.
E August Offensive August Offensive</a>The August Offensive was the last major attempt made by allied forces at Gallipoli to break the standoff that had persevered since the landings on the 25th of April 1915. It went on from 6th of August until 27th of August.
F Evacuation By this date the Anzac garrison had been reduced to 36000 men. A major evacuation occurred between the 9th and 18th of December during the night. A further 16000 troops and equipment were cleared from Gallipoli.
G Remaining Australians/New Zealanders Evacuation Over the two nights on the 18th – 19th and 19th – 20th of December, all of the remaining 20000 Australians and New Zealanders were withdrawn from the Anzac area of Gallipoli. The last man to leave at 4:10am on 20th of December was Colonel J Paton. The Turks had no idea that the evacuation was taking place.
B The Battle of Verdun Begins The battle between German Army and French Army in Verdun France, this battle was recorded as the longest battle.
F Battle of Jutland Battle of the Jutland started it was a very large marine battle. German forces restricted to port by blocking the British naval. They split the British fleet and destroyed ships one by one. British were aware of the actions and sent a smaller force in Germans range of Admiral Jellicoe main fleet. British’s idea worked and Germany had to withdrew.
A The Battle of the Somme The Battle of the Somme begins. Throughout this battle tanks were first presented.
Battleofverdun The Battle of Verdun Ends The battle between German Army and French Army in Verdun France, this battle was recorded as the longest battle.
Us The United States declares war on Germany. The United States enters WW1, troops are getting prepared to go to war with Germany.
Ww1 ends WW1 Ends On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month (November 11th 11:00) the fighting ended with Germany signing the armistice at Compiegne, France.
Traety Treaty of Versailles was signed On 28 June 1919 The Treaty of Versailles was signed by German which officially ended WW1.
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