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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
12 11th Sep, 0144 Augustus Caesar video
augustus44 BC
13 16th Feb, 0274 Ashoka Ashoka274 BC
Timeline 13th Dec, 0300 Hellenistic Culture hellenistic
300 BC
Timeline 23rd Sep, 0320 Gupta Empire gupta
320 BC- 720 BC
Timeline 5th Jun, 0321 Maurya Empire Mauryan
321 BC
Timeline 5th Mar, 0330 Byzantine Empire byzantine
330 BC
3 10th Jan, 0384 Aristotle Aristotle384 BC- 322 BC
4 14th Sep, 0395 Collapse of the Western Roman Empire collapse
395 BC
14 15th Jul, 0427 plato Plato427 BC
11 27th Jan, 0527 Empress Theodora empress
527 AD
B 26th Dec, 0580 Buddhism buddhism
580 BC
A 1st Mar, 0600 Zoroastianism video
Greek 14th Nov, 0800 Greek Polis polis
800 BC
Alphabet phoenician 30th Mar, 1000 Phoenician Alphabet Phoencian
1000 BC
Confucianism 2nd Jun, 1000 Confucianism video
1000 BC
Mongol 5th Nov, 1015 Mongol Empire mongol
Great 5th Mar, 1054 The Great Schism schism
1054 BC
Zhou 31st Aug, 1122 Zhou Dynasty Zhou
1122 BC-221 BC
Marco 18th Oct, 1254 Marco Polo Marco
Ottoman 16th Dec, 1451 Ottoman Empire Ottoman
Fall 30th Dec, 1453 Fall of the Constantinople constantinople
Ivan 12th Jul, 1463 Ivan III ivan
Hinduism 25th Nov, 1500 Hinduism hinduism
1500 BC
Code%20of%20hammurabi 1 Hammurabi's Code video
hammurabis code
1772 BC
Roman Roman Empire empire
99 AD
India India India
2700 BC
East Trading in East Mediterranean trade
3000 BC
Hiero Hieroglyphics hieroglyphics
3000 BC
Dgasdh religion & authority of Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt
3100 BC
Mono Hebrew monotheism hebrew
4000 BC
Meso Cultural beliefs of Mesopotamia video
6000 BC
Poly Polytheism polytheism9085 BC