Week 3- Timeline of the cell-phone

Timeline created by megan.wagner
  • Car-to-car radio

    The first car-to-car radios are used by the Detroit Police Department, however, it did not work very well
  • FCC

    The Federal Communications Committee is established to decide who gets to use which channels of radio frequency
  • Mobile Phone Service

    The first mobile phone service is created in St. Louis, MO. It did not work very well and did not last very long
  • "Cell" phone

    The term "cell" comes into play when AT&T proposed splitting phone service into different areas across the cities called "cells"
  • Portable phone

    Portable phone
    Dr. Martin Cooper invented a portable hand-held phone and made the first mobile phone call
  • Motorola

    The cell phone goes public by Motorola
  • Cell phone revolution

    Cell phone revolution
    The flip phone is introduced
  • Text Messaging

    Text Messaging
    Text messaging is created by developers in Europe
  • The Synergy

    The Synergy
    Philips introduces "The Synergy" which provided wireless access to email, internet, and faxes. An early version of what will later be known as the smartphone

    Nokia releases a cell phone that includes a QWERTY keyboard
  • Goodbye to Payphones

    Goodbye to Payphones
    BellSouth announces that it is leaving the pay phone business due to the competition from cell phones
  • Smartphone

    The first smart phone is invented: it could send and receive emails and messages but did not have a speaker or microphone so it required a headset as well
  • Camera

    The first camera phone is made by Sanyo
  • Are camera phones a good idea?

    Camera phones make people concerned, paranoid, and uncomfortable
  • Motorola Razr

    Motorola Razr
    The Motorola Razr becomes one of the most popular phones of the time. Originally at a price around $600, the Razr sold over 50 million phones by the summer of 2006.
  • LG texting competition

    LG texting competition
    The first ever LG texting competition is held in the United States
  • iPhone

    Apple released the first iPhone, with a 3.5 inch display
  • Samsung

    The Galaxy SIII becomes the best-selling smartphone in the world, in front of the iPhone 4s. However, the release of the iPhone 5 means Samsung was not able to stay in the top spot for long
  • Apple takes the lead

    Apple takes the lead
    Apple continues to release at least one new iPhone each year. Leading to 2014 with the iPhone 6 and 6+