We Didn't Start the Fire

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Jim%20dimaggio Joe DiMaggio Click here to learn moreJoe and the New York Yankees go to the World Series five times in the 1940s, winning four of them.
North%20korea%20vs%20south%20korea War Click here to learn moreNorth Korea and South Korea declare war.
Polio%20vaccine Polio Vaccine Click here to learn moreThe vaccine for polio was being studied by Jonas Salk.
Rocky Rocky Marciano Click here for more info Rocky Marciano defeats Jersey Joe Walcott, becoming the world Heavyweight champion.
Roy%20campanella Roy Campanella Click here to learn moreRoy Campanella, an African American baseball player won the MVP award for the second time. He won them while playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Joseph%20stalin Joseph Stalin Click here to learn more info Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, dies on March 5.
Albert%20einstein Albert Einstein Click here to learn more Albert Einstein dies.
Jfk John F. Kennedy Click here to learn moreJohn F. Kennedy was assassinated in an open topped convertible.
Apollo%2011 Apollo 11 Click here to learn more Apollo 11 lands safely on the moon.
Coke%20vs%20pepsi Rock-and-Roller Cola Wars Click here to learn moreSoft drink giants Coke and Pepsi each run marketing campaigns using rock & roll and popular music stars to reach the young adult demographic.