Vietnam War

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President johnson reacting to war news President Johnson reacting to News President Johnson's reaction to the news about Vietnam is displayed during a meeting at the LBJ Ranch.
Marines arrive at da nang vietnam Amphibian Assult Landing Marines arrive by landing craft at Da Nang to ward off the Viet Cong. 2 battalions made the first assult by water.
American soldier on break vietnam Taking a Break An American radioman reads to pass time on a break near Bien Hoa, Vietnam.
Soldiers keeping lookout vietnam Watchout Duty These marines held lookout at Da Nang Airforce Base. They were looking for any Vietnam activity in the region early in the war.
Aw "Out Now" The protests in San Fransisco was a huge movement that attracted a matching crowd. The message presented was clearly stated, as exemplified by the balloon.
Punji%20stick Punji Sticks Punji sticks were set up more or less to just injure soldiers in attempt to slow them down. Other booby traps often accompanied the shafts.
Vietnam%20home Countdown of time left to serve A soldier counts down the days left in his deployment, by recording his time on his helmet. This shows an average man waiting to come back home.
Spraying agent orange vietnam Agent Orange Agent orange was sprayed to defoliate the thick forrest the Viet Cong used to cover their paths. Little was known about its long term effects on humans.
American troops parachuting in saigon Parachuting in Saigon 845 troops dropped into War Zone 3 to push back against the Cambodian border.
Oregon Operation Oregon Troops lower a fellow comrade into the tunnel networks created by the Vietnamese. The tunnels were very extensive throughout Vietnam and proved useful to aiding their guerilla warfare.
Mass%20gathering Watching Over Mass Gathering A marine stands watch over the rest of the troops as they eat and camp out.
American gunners helicopters vietnam Open Fire A huey chopper door gunner is shooting at a target in the Mekong Delta. Hueys proved to be very successful in leading the U.S to vistory, and most likely as well your Call of Duty squad in team deathmatch.
Viet%20cong%20suspect Vietnam Suspect This man was taken as a suspect while his village was cleared by the marines ust 15 miles west of Da Nang Air Base.
Draft lens7475392module62227772photo 1296167033marines on tank Marines ride on a M-48 tank. These marines catch a ride on top of one of the many M-48 tanks in Vietnam. Over 600 were deployed throughout the war.
Home%20is%20where%20you%20dig Home is where you make it These soldiers have a sign hanging above where they rest, it reads, "Home is where you dig it." Everyday men were forced to patrol around their reclaimed territory and dig a hole in the ground, much as a typical meerkat would do.
Peasents Vietnamese Peasants These peasants were in awe as they were taken under suspicion of being communist.
Soldiers pray with army chaplain vietnam Praying on The Front Lines Faith managed to find a way into the souls of the mens here. Most had ill intentions on coming back home, but no one thought it would be them.
Iranian Bay Area Protesters Interests turned to many views in the turn of the decade, with everything from the space race to the vietnamese war.
Sanfran Protests in San Fransicso Many protests swept through San Fransisco, and many were heard.
Yotp Year of the People Held in the Golden Gate park. The year of the people was recently advertised as the year of 2011 once more.
Aw 69 66 12 Bay Area Protests Many people used the chaotic time to express their messages, and turned to many other issues other than war.
Front view of navy pacv vehicle Say Cheese! This fearsome beast was first deployed and tested in the Vietnam War. It was used for high speed transport, assult, and search & rescue missions.
Vietnam%20flamethrower Flamethrower's in action In Da Nang, Vietnam flamethrowers were a major contender which turned the tables in the war along with other technological advances. Napalm was the fuel used, it was a type of gel that stays attached to the surface whilest burning.
Firing rockets at viet cong position Phantom F4B This Phantom F4B is firing upon an enemy position. Compared to the enemies high powered rifles, you can imagine which outcome is more likely to substain.
Memorial Vietnam War Memorial The groundbreaking ceremony began after a decade seperated the beggining of the war. Now we will be forever in rememberence of those who died to young.