US History Timeline 1492-2011- Owen Sherwood Emma Horne

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Jan 1st, 1492
Columbus “Discovers” America In 1492 culumbus and his crew sailded the ocean blue. The ended up at a new world is what they said. They went back and told people. The indians where already there but they didnt relize that they where.
John cabot
Jan 1st, 1497
John Cabot claims North America for England In Italy he is known today as Giovanni Caboto, in England as John Cabot, in France as Jean Cabot, and in Spain as Juan Caboto.
Jacques cartier
Jan 1st, 1534
Jacques Cartier explores the Great Lakes and the the St. Lawrence River He married Mary Catherine des Granches.
Jan 1st, 1534
Virginia colony of Roanoke Island established by Walter Raleigh Walter Raleigh for the colonization of the area of North America known as Virginia.
Images Captain John Smith explorer and founder of Jamestown
Slaves Twenty slaves in Virginia Africans brought to Jamestown are the first slaves importedinto Britain’s North American colonies. Like indentured servants, they were probably freed aftera fixed period of service
Mayflower%20compact Mayflower Compact
Bostonlatinschool First Public School(Boston Latin School)
Harvard college First College - Harvard College, the first institute for higher education in a north American
Africanslavetradeposter Colonial North America's slave trade begins when the first American slave carrier,Desire, is built and launched in Massachusetts.
Bill%20of%20rights%20scroll English Bill of Rights
Lightning%20rod Ben Franklin - Lightening Rod He was a storm chaser who would ride his horse into storms in order to study electricity.
King george 3 Proclamation of 1763 by King George III
Stamp%20act Stamp Act
Santa claus Santa Claus - Colonial America
Declaration Decleration Of Independence
Main image Vermont is 1st colony to free all slaves.
Federation 1787 Articles of Confederation
Constitution Constition
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
New jersey New Jersey
Georgia georgia
Conneticut Connecticut
Massachusetts Massachusetts
Maryland Maryland
South carolina South Carolina
New hampshire New Hampshire
Virginia Viginia
New%20york New York
North carolina North Carolina
Timeline 1790 Population 4 Million
Rhode island rhode island
Bill%20of%20rights Bill of rights
Vermont Vermont
Cotten%20gin Eli Whitney - Cotton Gin Machine that automated the production of cotton products.
Amendment 11th amendment
Kentucky kentucky
Timeline 1800 5.3 million
Ohio Ohio
12%20amendment 12h amendment
Timeline 1810 7.2 7.2 million
Louisiana Lousiana
Indiana 90 Indiana
Mississippi Mississippi
Illions illinios
Alabmam alabama
Timeline 1820 9.6 9.6 million
Maine Maine
Missoui missiouri
Grahamcracker Graham Cracker Sylvester Graham invented the cracker to ad variety to his vegetarian diet.
Timeline 1830 12.8 million
Indian%20removal%20act Indian Removal Act (1838 Trial of Tears)
Oberlin Oberlin College - First college to accept Women
Oberlin Oberlin College - First School to accept Black
Arkansas arkansas
Michigan logo 25001 U of M- 1817 - Founded in Detroit, Moved to Ann Arbor in 1837
Michigan Michigan
Rubber Vulcanized Rubber - Charles Goodyear Originally developed for medical treatment, but later used for many other things including the automobile
Timeline 1840 17 million
Timeline William Henry Harrison Sadly died in office his first year. His slogan was "Tippecanoe and Tyler too".
Alexander cartwright Baseball - Alexander Cartwright
Florida Florida
Texas county map texas
Iowa iowa
Dounut Dounut Hanson Gregory invented this on a boat at the age of 16
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Timeline 1850 23 23 million
California county map California
Michigan state Michigan State
Earase Pencil Eraser - Hymen Lipman Developed the patent to include the eraser on the top of the pencil
Minnesota Minnessota
Oregon Oregon
Timeline 1860 31.4 31,4 million
Rifle Repeating Riffle - Benjamin Tyler Henry Used in the Civil War
Jelly%20beans Jelly Bean - William Schrafft Inspired by Turkish Delight he invented the Jelly Bean to send to the Union Soilders in the Civil War.
Machine%20gun Machine Gun - Richard Gatling 200 rounds per minute
Kansas Kansas
Cereal Breakfast Cereal - James Caleb Jackson Originally called Granula invented because he was a vegitarian
Nevada Nevada
Main image 13th Amendment - Abolition of Slavery
Nebraska map Nebraska
Amendment 14 14th Amendment
Camp American Football - Walter Cam
Nfl 2009 140 years ago first football game rutgers princeton - Soccer - Princeton vs. Rutgers (6-4 Rutgers)
Timeline 1870 38.6 38.6 million
15th amendment 15th Amendment
Photo13 african american right to vote
Levis Jeans - Levi Strauss Heavy duty pants made for the Gold Rush so they would last
Colorado county map Colorado
Timeline 1880 50.1 50.1 million
Timeline James Abram Garfield Shot while in office
Softbal Softball - George Hancock google.comg
Delaware Delaware
South dakota South dakota
North dakota North dakota
Montana county map Montana
Washington state Washington
Timeline 1890 62.9 62.9 million
idaho Idaho
Wyoming county map Wyoming
Cmu wordmark maroon on gold CMU
Niko Radio Nikola Telsa
Cornflakes400 Corn Flakes Will Kellogg
Volleyball 13116 volleyball
Utah Utah
Timeline 1900 76.2 76.2 million
Ford%20assembly%20line Assemble line henry ford
Firs%20ca Car Oldsmobile ransom f olds
Teddy2 Teddy Bear Morris MIchtom
16802a banana split two for two Banana Split David Strickler
Oklahoma oklahoma
Timeline 1910 92.2 million 92.2 million
New mexico new mexico
Arizna arizona
17th%20amendemnt 17th Amendment (direct election of United States Senators by popular vote)
Ammendment 16 16th Amendment
18th%20amendemnt 18th amndment (prohibits acohol)
Tennratification 19th amendment womens right ot vote
Timeline 1920 106 106 million
Kool aid playdough recipe Kool Aid
First television Televison Fillo t farnsworth
Walt disney and mickey mouse 2 Mickey Mouse - Walt Disney
Bubble gum Bubble gum walter diemer
Timeline 1930 123 123 million
Electric guitar parts Electric Guitar - George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacke
20th%20amend 20th Amendment Jan. 20 inauguration
Prohibition ends1 21 Amendment Repeal 18th amendment
225px soft ice cream soft serve ice cream
Timeline 1940 132 132 million
Video%20game video game
Cable tv cable t.v.
Timeline 1950 151 151 million
Barcode barcode
Vhs video tape video tape
Alaska alaska
Hawaii Hawaii
Timeline 1960 179.3 179.3 million
23%20amendment 23 amendment Wash. D.C. representation
Computer%20mosue Computer mouses
24%20amendment 24 Amendment poll taxes illegal
Hoboken buffalo wings 2 buffalo wings
Cd intro cd
Mini laptop sony vaio vgn mini computer
25th amendment 25 Amendment presidential
Timeline 1970 203 103 million
26%20amendment 26 amendment 18 as voting age
Email icon 11 email
Selphone cell phone
Timeline 1980 226.5 226.5 million
Mini laptop sony vaio vgn laptop
Giant nes controller4 NES
Timeline 1990 148.7 148.7 million
27%20amendment 27 amendment congress salary changes take place in next tern
Timeline 2000 281.4 281.4 million
Ipod ipod
Timeline US invasion of Afgahnistan in response to 9/11 the US invaded Afgahnistan to fight the Taliban
Timeline Invasion of Iraq Coalition forces invaded Iraq in the fight against terrorism
Timeline Barack Hussein Obama Econimic Stimules in response to the recession in '08
Timeline 2010 308.7 308.7 million
Timespan Dates: Timespan Title: Timespan Description:

French and Indian War Between Grat Britain and France
Took place in N. America

Revolution between Great britain and the 13 british colonies then went to a world war
took place in america

George Washington He was the Genral in the American Revolution.

John Adams He was a Fedarlist and a founding father in america.

Thomas Jefferson He made the Lousiana Purchase in 1803 from france. It showed his use of federalpower dispite his belief in small government.

James Maddison Lead the war of 1812 against Egland. Durring that war the White House was burned down.

War of 1812 Between the us and the british empire
took place in the us

James Monroe

John Quincy Adams He failed Presidency he beat Jackson by a verry small amount.

Andrew Jackson Was a big part of the Trail of Tears.

The Texas Revolution Between mexico and the us

Martin Van Buren

John Tyler When the presidend died (HArrison) Tyler became president.

James Knox Polk He wasthe "Dark Horse Canidate". Was in office durring the Mexican War.

Mexican American War between the us and mexico

Zachary Taylor Died in office. Was the genral for the Mexican War.

Millard Fillmore

Franklin Pierce

James Buchanan

Abrahm Lincoln He waged war against the Confederacy for the preserved Union.

The American Civil War between the us and the 'slaves'

Andrew Johnson He was impeached for being uncopertive with congress.

Ulysses Simson Grant He was a former Union General and not a good president.

Rutherford Birchard Hayes Nicknamed "Fraudulency". His election marked the end of reconstruction.

Chester Alan Aurthur Pendelton Civil Service Act

Grover Cleveland The only President to serve two non-consecutive terms

Benjamin Harrison

William McKinley Spanish American War

Theadore Roosevelt The Imperialsim President, Progressive, "Square Deal", built the Panama Canal

William Howard Taft [google](http:

Woodrow Wilson WWI...idealist, but also racist

World War 1 all over the world
germany vs. the world

Warren Gamaliel Harding He was a republican and one of the most corupt Presidents.

Calvin Coolidge "stay cool with coolidge"

Herbert Clark Hoover He was in office during the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression started. Hover Dam. Conservative

Franklin Delano Roosevelt FDR is the only President to serve four terms. WWII and the Great Depression

World War II Between the allies and the axis...all over the world. The attack on Pearl Harbor got the US into the war.

Harry S. Truman Truman dropped atomic bombs on Hero Shema and Namasaki in Japan.

Korean War Between North and South Korea. The US joined forces with the South and lost.

Dwight David Eisenhower Eisenhower was known as a true republican.

John Fitzgerarld Kennedy Assassinated in '63. Known for the peace corps, Cubar, and the missle crisis.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Civil rights act, Vietnam War

Richard Millhouse Nixon Watergate sacndal, opened relationship with China. He was a Republican.

Gerald R. Ford He pardoned with Nixon.

James Earl Carter, Jr. Iranian Hostage Crisis and Camp David Accords

Ronald Wilson Regan He was a republican and durring his time in office the Burlin wall fell down.

George Herbert Walker Bush His campain was "No new taxes" but then he raised them.

Persian Gulf War US aided Kuwait when they were invaded by neighboring Iraq.

William Jefferson Clinton Went into debt and had an affair

George Walker Bush 9\11 and the Iraq war happened.