Tractors Through History

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Jan 1st, 1000
Plows pulled by oxen are used Plows have been used since the beginning of recorded history. They were used to break up the soil to make it easier to plant and to give the soil nutrients.
1st%20tractor First Tractor ever recorded First Tractor.The first tractor ever built is used. The exact date was never recorded but it was early to middle 19th century. It was a steam powered farm tractor that was very popular in the lumber industry.
Old%20tractor First Gasoline Powered Tractor First Gasoline Powered Tractor. The first Gasoline powered tractor was invented on an unspecified date by John Freolich. His invention inspired John Deere to mass produce the successful line of tractors he is famous for.
John%20deere Open Gear Tractors invented The date for this invention has never been specified. Open gears on tractors allowed a much better turning radius and maneuverability. This was an improvement because before they were very difficult to steer with very limited steering.
1st%20mass%20produced%20tractor First Mass Produced Tractor First mass produced tractor.The first ever mass produced tractor was manufactured by Henry Ford and was called the Fordson. He used techniques similar to those that he used to mass produce the automobile or the producion line. The exact date was never specified.
Timeline Successful light tractor invented An exact date for this product's intial release is not known. Before this product, tractors were very heavy and were very expensive. With the invention of light-weight tractors it became very easy and inexpensive to transport and use a tractor.
Agricultural tractor tyres tires r 1 177 Rubber wheeled Tractors used Exact date not known. this meant that before this tractors either used metal or wooden wheels. Now, they could get much better traction on the ground and move more effectively and waste less energy.
Images Tractors outnumber horses. Exact date not known. For the first time in history tractors outnumber horses and mules on farms in the United States. This is very important because it kind of marks the end of the new feeling that tractors could give people.