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Timeline of Abraham Lincoln's Life

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Mrsnancyhankslincoln Lincoln's parents get married Abe's parents, Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks marry in Kentucky. Pictured is Lincolns mother, Nancy.
Emilie todd helm Lincoln's older sister, Sarah is born Sarah is born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. She is pictured at the left.
Images Linclon is Born Lincoln is born in HardinCounty, Kentucky. Later this day is to be declaired Lincoln Day. Pictured is a young Lincoln.
Usalincolnt Lincoln's brother, Thomas, dies as a child. Lincoln's future brother, Thomas dies during his young years. Family mourns for days. Pictured is young Thomas.
Timeline Lincoln's family (Mother, Father, Sister, and Himself) move to Perry County, Indiana Family moves to Perry County, Indiana. Pictured is where the town is located today.
Images 3 Mother Dies Nancy Hanks passes this day. Buried in Spencer County, Indiana. Pictured is Nancy, Herself.
Images 4 Father of Lincoln marries again Lincolns father, Thomas marries Sarah Bush Johnson of Kentucky. Pictured is Sarah Bush.
Images 5 Lincolns sister, Sarah gets married. She marries Aaron Grisby in Indiana. Pictured is Lincolns sister.
Sarahblgravesite Lincolns sister, Sarah dies in childbirth. Sarah passes during Childbirth. Pictured is her gravestone.
Images 6 Lincoln family moves The family moves to Illnois, near Decatur. Pictured is the family.
Images 7 Abe gets to work Abe begins to work for himself, compleating activities such as, boatbuilding, sawmilling, sailing, blacksmithing, and logging. Pictured is something he would do daily.
Images 8 Lincoln becomes an election clerk Abe now is an election clerk at New Salem. He is the Caption of the Black Hawk war. Also is a store clerk and merchant at New Salem. Pictured is the location of the Black Hawk War.
Images 9 Lincoln presents his first political speech Lincoln recites his first political speech, and is defeated through a strong local vote. Pictured is a placque in his honer.
Unknown Elected to the state legislature He is elected as Whig. He is John L. Stuarts partner till late 1840. Pictured is young abe, right before he was elected into the state legislature.
Images 10 Appointed to postmaster of New Salem Appointed to postmaster of New Salem by President Andrew Jackson. Pictured is President Andrew Jackson.
Images 11 Gets a Partner in Law His partner in law is, S.T. Logan. Pictured is his Law Partner.
Images 12 Gets Married! Abe marries Mary Todd Lincoln, and she is from Kentucky. They end up having four sons. Edward dies in Infancy. William dies at age 12 in the washington capitol. Tad dies at age 20 in Springfeild. His one and only grandson, Abraham dies in 1890, Pictures is Abe Lincoln with family.
Images 14 Is proposed for congress Pictured is Abe in Congress.
Images 13 Gets a new law partner, Hendron This is his law partner for life. Pictured is Hendron.
Images 15 Lincolns father dies. Lincolns father, Thomas diesnin Illnois at age 73. Pictured is his father.
Images 16 Electionerred for General Scott Pictured is General Scott
Unknown 1 Won the Republicians of the State over This event is huge in his presidency, If not for this event, he may not have been voted president. Pictured is Abe with fan of republicians.
Unknown 2 Lost in the legislature. He lost to Douglas. Pictured is Abe and Douglas
220px abraham lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait Placed for presidential candincy Made the eastern tour, to get acquainated. Pictured is older Lincoln.
Images 17 Becomes president. Civil war begins soon after on April 12th. Pictured is Lincoln right after he was elected.
Images 18 Emancipation Proclamation Announced Pictured is a public notice of the emancipation proclamation.
Images 19 The emanicipation is proclaimed pictured is the proclamation
Images 20 Lincoln is Assinated He is assassinated in Ford's Theater, Washington, by a mad actor, Wilkes Booth. Pictured is Wilkes Booth.
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Reelected to state legislature