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Timeline Girls of the 1950's Girls all loved Elvis's alternative style and dance moves . However other girls loved Johnny Cash's outlaw image. Girls in the time period started to wear things like : Full skirts,saddle shoes and Capris's with blouses.
Timeline Boy's of the 1950's Boys went all out to be like Johnny cash so they could draw girls because thats what girls liked. The others started to do Elivs hair styles and tried to copy elvis's dance moves, once again this was because girls liked it.Boys started to wear : black jeans or leather trousers , black leather jackets or cardigens and Black sunglasses.Some even smoked to give the Johnny Cash image.
Presley elvis Elvis Presley Born on the 8th of january 1935. Elvis Presley was named the 'King of Rock n Roll' Elvis offered amazing dancing which young people fell in love with aswell as his singing . older white audiences hated him as his dance moves would be said to e like black peoples. This then purley targeted young people who wanted to like what the older people didn't. Elvis will be remembered as a unique artist . Elvis died on the 16th of August 1977 aged 42.
510px johnnycash1969 Johnny Cash Born on the 16th Febuary 1932. Johnny Cash's perona and style was very outlaw and rebelious.He used elements of country ,rock n roll and Gospel. The image that girls liked , a strong 'bad guy'. Boys of the 1950's all just went out to be just like Johnny Cash to impress girls.They all aspired to be like Johnny Cash because the persona he had is what girls liked at the time. Johnny Cash died on the 12th of September 2003 aged 71.
Beatles1 The Beatles The beatles were a English Rock band formed in Liverpool in the 1960's. The 4 members of the group was; John lennon,Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. As they got mor epopular and popular 'Beatlemania' emerged. The beatles all changed their image just to make more sets of audiences like them.Girls like them because they were young sophisticated stylish men. however boys liked them because of their catchy popular rock n roll songs with incredible lyrics.
Stevie wonder 2 Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder was born of the 13th of May 1950. He was blind shortly after birth. His music career set off in 1961. His incredible sense of being able to play a piano without even seeing they keys led him to be inspired by lots and lot sof people. His amazing drive aswell as great soul music lead him to be a very succesful music artist. His voice and heart in his music was the main thing which people liked. He is now at the age of 61 and is still a music artist .
1248633 f260 Hippies Started in the United States Of America in 1965 by a youth Movement.The Hippies idelogy invloved mother nature and natural things.Aswell as organic food and free love.
Jamesbrown James brown James brown was born on the 3rd of may 1933.james Brown's music career lasted from 1956 to 2006. James brown's best music genre was Funk and Soul . James brown originated the music genre of funk. He appealed to the audiences who wanted to hear something new . He was named 'The Godfather of soul'. James brown died on the 25th of December 2006.
Timeline Singer/Songwriters Singer/songwriters started to become very popular at this time.
Logo mtv1 MTV Mtv became the source of where stars could develop their own personas through there music videos. Consumers could enjoy their music on Television . Mtv was launched in USA where most music videos where popular at the time anyway.
Mix cd The CD The CD came about in 1982. This was the source of which music could be made money of as albums were made into cds aswell as singles. This became the indicator to tell the record companies how their artist is doing and to show which artists are better the others and basically who's the most popular artist.CD's also allow consumers to buy muisc alot cheaper and easier at this period of time as cds are smaller and take less money to produce as vinyals or tapes.
Michael jackson thriller cover Michael Jackson Michael jackson was born on the 19th of August 1958. Michael jackosn was an active artist from 1964 to 2009. Michael Jackson started off his music career in the band called 'The Jackson Five'. However michael jackson stood out th emost and persued a single career. Michael jacksons genre was Pop music. he was names 'King of Pop'. He was liked alot as his unique set of dancing and catchy songs made him a legend. Michael jackson was a very contreversial figure. He died on the 25th of June 2009.
3183 dr dre1 Dr Dre (Andre Young) Andre young (Dr Dre) was born on the 18th of Febuary 1965. Dr dre started his career in the year of 1983 and still is a active artist. His best genre were gangster rap and hip hop, Dr dre was popular as he was a black african american artist who other black african americans could relate to and made great new sounds for other audiences. Dr dre is now one of teh worlds best producers of music.
Eminem Eminem (Marshall Mathers) Eminem was born on the 17th of October 1972. Eminem has been a active artist sonce 1992 and still is a active artist. He appealed to white people who liked rap music , as the genre of rap is dominated with black artists Eminem cam out and showed something diffrent and out did all black artists .Eminem is still to this day the best selling artist and was of the 2000's. Eminem truley is the best artist the worlds ever seen and figures prove it .
Kano Sub-Culture of Grime Grime was made in East London in 2003. The famou artists in grim was Kano , wiley and Dizzee Rascal. This grew in poularity and soon formed Garage music which was more left wong. This music became popular for the working class who wanted to indetify with an artist more.The artists in grime all came from a backround just like them and worked their way up and this apires the set of consumers who like this music as they can relate to the music and look up to the artists.
Timeline File sharing File sharing became popular in 2003 . File sharing allowed people to record music and share it for free in some cases or paid for via Itunes.
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